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Advanced Vehicle Tracking Solutions for Electric Vehicle  Fleet

Advanced Vehicle Tracking Solutions for Electric Vehicle Fleet

Electric mobility is the way forward. The loud and lauded discussions on climate change and green lifestyle are translating into actions now. The governments of the developed and developing economies are making conscious efforts to bring Electric vehicles into the mainstream. The biggest enterprises in the world have staked their resources on EVs. Eventually, everything is falling into place for e-mobility now. How vehicle tracking and fleet management software providers could stay a step behind! Telematics and IoT are moving at an equal if not faster pace with the EV OEMs.

What can you expect from Electric Vehicle Tracking Solutions?

The entire vehicle tracking system works differently for EVs than conventional GPS tracking solutions for other vehicles. EV requires dedicated solutions for Battery Management which is the most significant part of the entire system. 

Battery Management Solutions

The battery is an integral part of an electric vehicle. The high voltage battery stores the power and delivers it to the rest of the vehicle. The battery is the combination of various cells that are individual entities themselves. Its performance, health, status, etc. are also managed by Battery Management System. Let’s discuss the solutions offered by the BMS.

Battery Health Monitoring

The overall health of the battery and its performance is monitored automatically. Stay on top of the degradation pattern of the battery and recharge it as soon as you get alerts notifying you that its capacity is drained it.

Battery Status Check

Also called Stae of Charge(SOC). Get real-time status of the battery – How much charge left, how much distance will it cover, etc. Not only that, you also get a graphical and numerical charge status of each individual cell in the battery. 

Intelligent battery balancing

It comes with an automatic battery balancing feature that evenly distributes the charging/discharging load amongst all cells.  It ensures the better performance and well-being of the battery.  

Real-time Voltage Tracking

Other than the SOC, it also provides real-time battery voltage. It protects the battery from over-charging or fast discharging, therefore improving the battery lifecycle.

EV Fleet Management Solutions

The BMS is the part of the EV fleet management system that takes care of the battery setup. Other than BMS, Fleet management software for EV offers various other features.

Nearest Utility Station

Find and get directed to the nearest charging station, ATM, hospital, police station, service centre and more.    

Analysis and Reports

Get accurate data, hidden analysis and in-depth reports on the charging/discharging cycle, travel summary, SOC and more. 

Live Tracking

Real-time visibility of vehicles from anywhere, anytime, ensuring vehicle security.  

Driving Behaviour

Monitor driving behaviour by tracking harsh acceleration, abrupt braking, overspeeding and excessive idling.

Real-time alerts & Notifications

Receive instant alerts for battery disconnection, low battery level, harsh driving, charging started/completed and many more. 

This list of features is inexhaustible. These are a few significant ones that are common throughout the industries. TrackoBit is well equipped to customise & deliver white-label EV Fleet Management Software for a specific industry.


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