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Frequently Asked Questions

It is superlative and 100% safe. We provide manual work, and our specialists can handle the issue.
There is no method here. The work is based on experienced we have done in the past 10 years.
Not, our service is to get your article on page 1. When you see it in your two eyes, then it means the work is done.
We are SEO specialists. Your article is optimized to get the best possible result as it could be.
You can keep tracking the position of your article in google. If you see it drop down, simply do some link-building technique that most people do. Contact us and get the secret sauce from us.
Sometimes it is normal and depends on the keyword density you choose. Big companies are paying millions to get their articles on page one.
We want to build trust. If trust flows, then we will consider adjusting our price as we are hiring more employees to get more work to do.
No, we have many premium publishing sites that assure you your article will go live for a lifetime. we choose the best publishing site that suits and accepts your article.
Yes, it is permanent 100%. If you see your article is no longer available, you have two options, get refund, or we will replace it.
Because our service is stable and we think that we could help more people with it, now it is open to all.
Sometimes it is possible; sometimes, it is not. Contact us, and we will audit your website and check the possibility of getting it rank as quickly as possible.
Absolutely yes. We will deliver the result before making payment, but if you are still unsatisfied, contact us, and we will do it immediately
Yes, If your article is good quality, there is a possibility we can rank it on top.
1000 words or more, the more words you make, the better the search engine will rank your article.
The keyword you choose is high, so it needs days or weeks, but if you can't wait, we can refund instantly.
We will delete it automatically, but I suggest you don't cancel. Aside from your article being ranked up, it also boosts your domain, which benefits you from using our service.
Absolutely yes, our fee is 20$ for 1000 words up. Contact us for more info.
Feel free to use our live support.
Pricing, the price will depend on which article will appear on google after 24 hours.page 1: 100$ page 2: 80$ page 3: 60$ page 4: 40$ page 5: 20$ page 6-10: 10$Pay later. Service guaranteedPayment must be made within 48 hours from when the article is posted, or the article will be deleted automatically.
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