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Write for us: Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. I’m a freelance writer and editor, and I love helping people improve their writing. Whether you’re looking to publish your first article or want some constructive feedback on your latest manuscript: we can help! We’ve worked with many clients over the years, including small businesses alike.

The best way to get in touch is via our email address admin@primepositionseo.com

The submission guidelines are laid out, and you can do a lot of research there if you’re looking for ideas. Or if you have an idea that needs fleshing out or improving before we consider it.

Prime Position SEO is also a good place to find a topic for your article. Since it has all kinds of information about the topics we cover. If something sparks your interest and makes you want to write about it. Check out the Prime Position SEO first; there might already be an existing article on that topic!

You can submit a pitch or an already-written article.

A pitch is an idea for a new article you’d like to write. It explains what the article would be about and includes details about why that topic is important. And how it fits with our site’s mission.

A pitch should be no more than three paragraphs long and contain 500 words. We recommend writing your pitch in Google Docs first so you can save it as a file in case we ask for revisions. Or add things to your pitch later.

An article is one piece of written content (like this one) intended for our website. Not a series of shorter articles on the same subject matter (like “How to write business emails” or “How to use hashtags”). A single piece of content usually has at least two paragraphs. But can have up to four or five if necessary.

Its length depends on the topic being covered—for example, 400–600 words would be appropriate for most tech articles. While an opinion piece might run up to 1000 words without being considered too long by readers (and many blogs break up their longer pieces into multiple pages).

Topics covered include web design, cooking, lifestyle, health and fitness, politics, business, marketing and more.

We publish articles on various topics, including web design tutorials. Reviews of cookbooks or restaurants and even interviews with celebrities or major public figures.

Follow the guidelines on the submission page for the publication you want to write for.

Make sure your facts are straight and concise, and to the point. Be original, but don’t be too radical. Be careful about writing about sensitive topics such as religion. Or politics because many publications will not publish pieces that are not politically correct in some way or another.

Writing for us is easy if you follow the steps provided

  • Follow the guidelines. If you want to write for us, ensure that your pitch or article is relevant to the publication you want to write for.
  • Submit a topic relevant to the publication you want to write for. This will help ensure that your content is more likely to be accepted by our editors.

Final Words

We hope this post has helped clarify how to submit an article to us. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions or concerns about how our process works! Our email admin@primepositionseo.com

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