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Influencer Marketing For Home Decor Brands

Influencer Marketing For Home Decor Brands 

With the home decor industry growing exponentially, more brands rely on influencer marketing to reach target audiences with their messages. This is because consumers get their product recommendations and tips for home decor from subject matter experts.

Home decor audience is diverse – some want to purchase the best hardware and decorations for their living rooms, and some want to accessorize their kitchen with cookware and dinnerware. Some like the best rugs and curtains for their bathrooms, while others want their outdoor spaces to have the best lighting. For each customer category, there are home decor influencers –  for example, Ashwini Dongare Bangar provides customized interior designing solutions for home and commercial places, and by doing so, she has built a dedicated community that is influenced by her opinions. Likewise, there are many such home decor influencers, each with mastery over their expertise. You have to work with those who align with your brand’s products, practices and values – a task easily accomplished when you have a top influencer marketing agency handling the identification, recruitment and negotiation processes.

Influencer Marketing Strategies for Home Decor Brands

User-Generated Content

Sponsored posts from Home decor Influencers can encourage your customers to share reviews and post content with your products and services as part of a contest. For instance, they can create videos showcasing your furniture placement and pictures with innovative combinations of carpet, curtains, chandeliers, etc., which is a credible social for other customers who are more likely to believe what others say and do with your products and services, before they make purchase decisions.

A Mix of Price Points 

Instead of focusing on one home decor product at a time, get Influencers to jointly promote different home decor products – of diverse price points, allowing your viewers to visualize unlimited product variations for their home almost immediately. For instance, viewers will be compelled to order wall paintings, overhead lights, rugs and sofas, all of varying prices – together when they see them all in one Instagram post or YouTube video. 

Make it Relatable 

Unlike products from other industries, home decor products bring the maximum impact when shown in a real-world setting, and this is what Influencers can do. With behind-the-scenes or live content, home decor Influencers can take their followers into their homes, where followers are greeted by a living room decorated with your brand products. This way, potential customers can experience home decor products through their screens and make choices. You can even understand their real-time sentiments from their reactions and comments.

More Transparency 

Your customers need answers to critical questions before they start considering your brand, for instance

  • What is your home decor style – is it classic, Bohemian vintage or other?
  • What is the manufacturing process? 
  • Is your production process ethical and sustainable? 
  • How is your customer support system and return?

And many more, and by creating videos, hosting interviews or organizing live FAQ sessions, you eliminate any doubt as your customers get their answers from a credible source, i.e. influencers, which leads to brand loyalty and quick decision making.

Home Decor Brands Influencer Marketing: Types of Content 

How-to Videos 

In how-to videos, your customers can get visual knowledge on how to assemble or repair different home decor products through step-by-step guidance from subject matter experts. This way, your customers can learn new skills, which will compel them to purchase more home decor products from your brand due to practical similarities.


Creating Instagram and YouTube videos with influencers to provide before And after the makeover of a room with your furniture, wall paintings, etc., can give your audience a visual experience of what they can expect if they purchase your products. It is also a source of knowledge for your audience on the practical application of your home decor products.

Shopping Experiences 

Getting influencers to provide an e-commerce shopping experience on your landing pages – from product browsing to purchase OR giving a virtual tour of your brick-and-mortar stores through live videos – helps customers find and purchase products that align with their needs quickly and gain tips that they can put to use during customization of their living quarters.

Home Tours 

Influencers can take their audience inside their homes, where the rooms are furnished with your home decor products, as the tour. Omgi takes the influences and can express their opinions through creative storytelling, giving your potential customer space awareness.

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