What is the best day to fly international?

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Qatar Airways best international flight day depends on travel time seasonality fare class destination and route type. Your route will cost more if it’s in great demand and vice versa. Lower fares are guaranteed during less busy periods of the week. Thus it’s difficult to predict the cheapest and most expensive days to travel worldwide through Qatar Airways Flights.

Based on market studies and passenger purchase tendencies midweek travel may be cheaper than weekend travel. Here’s a summary of the finest international flight day.

Midweek Trip

Three days are midweek for flying.

  1. Tuesday.
  2. Wednesday.
  3. Thursday.


Since airlines adjust their pricing and release fare sales and reductions on Tuesdays international flight fares have been cheaper on Tuesdays. Making it a less popular travel day can save money.


Wednesdays are the second best day to discover cheap international flights after Tuesdays. Wednesday also has little travel demand.


If Tuesday and Wednesday don’t work Thursdays are your last chance. As the weekend approaches pricing may be competitive.

Avoid weekends

Avoid weekend travel unless required. This usually covers Friday and Saturday flights. Saturdays are more expensive than midweek days but they sometimes provide cheaper rates. Budget friendly compared to weekends.

Weekends have increased flight demand thus fares are more expensive.

Tips to consider for getting the best travel deal

  1. Seasonal Variations Prices fluctuate based on peak and off-peak travel seasons and destinations. Avoid peak tourist seasons at all costs for cheap flights.
  2. Flexibility Consider other dates and destinations to your favorite ones. It allows for several affordable flight possibilities with good luggage allowance as Qatar Airways baggage Allowance provides generous space for easy travel.
  3. To get the best discounts plan overseas flights weeks or months in advance. International flight pre booking is best 6 8 weeks in advance. As little as 3 weeks before domestic flights.
  4. Use Fare Comparison Websites Compare prices and use tools to simplify decision making. 
  5. Consider layovers while choosing a cheaper flight option. Consider journey time and location before booking.
  6. Consider using local airports instead of popular ones to save money on your trip.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are the ideal days to fly internationally given Qatar Airways generous luggage allowance and reasonable rates.

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