Wi-Fi: Components and Important Applications

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Commonly known as wireless fidelity, Wi-fi is an internet connection operating without cables. It was first invented by the NCR Corporation/AT&T in 1991 in Netherland. It is a widespread technology that effectively connects remotely placed small and large electronic devices like TV, cameras, computers, data servers, etc.

Working Principle of Wi-Fi

The wi-fi signals travel over radio waves that help to transmit data from wireless router to the connected devices like PCs. These connected devices are wi-fi enabled which means they are built to process signals and ultimately enable you perform your daily tasks.

Elements of Wi-Fi

There are 3 elements that contribute parallelly to ensure a continuous transfer of the wi-fi signals:

Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point is simply an amplifier that receives signals from on end, boosts their strength and transfer them forward. Hence it uses the bandwidth and stretch it so that multiple devices can be connected successfully, simultaneously.

Wireless Card

A wireless card is a terminal device that works by transmitting the specific data with the help of radio waves. Installed in electronic devices, it functions wirelessly to connect a particular device with an internet connection.


As indicated by their names, safeguards act a security personnel. These are firewalls that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data it from any kind of breaching.

Applications of Wi-Fi

Wi-fi has significantly changed the domestic and commercial operations and the magnitude of wi-fi applications spans over a larger scale from small home to large businesses and from common devices like mobile to bulky servers. Due to the innumerable usages of wi-fi, it is impossible to cover all the applications of wi-fi in a small document. Let’s look at some of the key applications:

Educational Applications

In this modern era, like other business sectors, educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities cannot survive without having a strong wi-fi network or Home Mesh WIFI. Teachers have to prepare for their lectures and notes as well as they deliver their lectures online.

Likewise, students need to prepare for their exams and presentations. Moreover, staff are required to maintain all types of record like payment record, attendance record on their electronic devices. Wi-fi helps to run their record keeping machines and pave the way for successful completion of all types of operations and tasks.

Mobile Applications

A very common and widespread application of wi-fi is mobile. Millions of mobiles are used in a region and it’s the Wi-Fi that ensures their continuous operations.

People have to run their communication and business applications, update their cell phone, transfer files and carry on with their calls whereas children have to play games. Wi-Fi ensures that all their important tasks and entertainment activities via mobile go smoothly.

Business Applications

When it comes to businesses, the significance of Wi-Fi becomes more relevant. Whether small or large, a business has to carry on several operations, daily. They have to send and receive important documents, emails, messages, payments and access websites.

Larger businesses have to connect with global bodies. Wi fi keeps their onsite operation efficient and connects them with the outer world so that businesses can move on without any halt.

Home applications

Domestic sector also makes a considerable portion of the wi-fi consumer ratio. Students have to do research and complete their assignments. Relatives communicate and keep their loved ones updated from their condition.  Apart from this, thousands of freelancers have to do their projects through the help of wi-fi. Having reliable wi-fi connections allows individuals do all their home-related tasks smoothly.

Industrial Applications

Last but not least, industries also need wi-fi access to keep their operations running all the time. Wi-Fi networks act as a bridge of connections connecting all important components whether its machines, vehicles, cargo lifters.

Wi-fi also helps to maintain inventory record so that the company is protected from any kind of loss in terms of logistical operations. Indutires and large businesses also maintain their security networks with the help of 24/7 wi-fi enabled cameras like Hikvision IP cameras. Because of these reasons, wi-fi is an unavoidable component of today’s world.


Working over radio waves, the Wi-Fi cis an utmost important part of our daily lives. It has widespread applications involving all sort of public consumers, educational and business organisations, industrial hubs, health facilities and other sectors. Wi-fi network or Home Mesh WIFI is so much relevant that without it, our technological survival is impossible.

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