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Best Instagram Spy Apps for 2023

Has your partner been behaving strangely recently? Are your children too immersed in their mobile phones? It’s time to get your spying skills on the go and find what has been cooking on those mobile screens.

The best Instagram spy apps can not only help you track the app usage history on the target device but also restrict it as per your choice and convenience. 

In this article, we will provide you with the best Instagram spying apps to make your task easy and efficient. 


With server users in more than 180 countries, mSpy has been one of the best spy apps for over ten years. From GPS tracker to media file access, you can access, track, and restrict various activities on the target device. 

With the help of mSpy, you can view the messages your target exchanged on Instagram, including the clickable media files and links. It also lets you screenshot and set up two-factor authentication. 

The app offers you a 14-day demo period with an annual plan of $11.67 per month. However, you can only use it on one device per plan. 


Spyic is best known for its social media tracking capabilities. It allows you to monitor the activities on various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and more. 

You can access the media files, contact details, and timestamps of the target device, using the app. However, it isn’t available on iOS. 

Spyic offers multiple subscription plans with a money-back guarantee of up to 60 days. It allows you to track a maximum of 3 devices with one plan. 


Cocospy allows you to monitor and control the target device remotely. Hence, you can not only access and view the activities on the target device but also block and restrict them. 

It also has a comprehensive keylogger feature that records everything a user typer on the target device in real time. 

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer any free trial or demo. It offers various subscription plans. However, the cheapest one is its annual plan at $12.49/month with a 14-day money-back guarantee. 


Hoverwatch is the best Insta spy app for users who want to monitor multiple devices at the same time. The app lets you access every Instagram activity on the target device such as messages, posts and videos they like, and more. 

Moreover, it sends you a screenshot every time it detects a new activity on the target device. The only drawback is that it’s not compatible with iOS devices. 

Hoverwatch has divided its subscription plan into 3 categories i.e. personal, professional, and business. It offers various plans in each category. However, it doesn’t offer any trial period or money-back guarantee. 


iKeyMonitor is one of the most popular parental control apps which has over 400,000 parent users across 100 countries. 

The app tracks and records incoming and outgoing messages on Instagram and sends you a copy of them even when the target deletes them. It also sends you the timestamps of the target device. 

The app offers you a free trial period with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It can only track a single device at a time. 


These Instagram spying apps allow you to monitor major Instagram activities on the target device. The best part is that they let you take full control of the target device. Hence, you can not only view but also restrict the online activities on the target device. 
We hope you found this article by All Savvy helpful.

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