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Travellers Rest: 4 Best Ways To Make Money

If people want to stay alive, they can’t rest in Travellers Rest.

Most games about running a business are about making money, and Travellers Rest is no different. Simulating a real company, players handle the assets and resources they have, putting them together in a way that works, and making money as a result. Then, they used the money they made to buy more weapons, which made their results many times better. In short, everything is about money and how to use it effectively.

Travellers Rest doesn’t hold back when it comes to this. The players are in charge of running a wild inn. To stay alive, they decide how to spend their money on things like food and shelter. If you do it without thinking, you could ruin the business before it even starts. Because of this, it helps to know how the game works and which things to buy. This can help a business make better financial choices and grow. With some smart spending, people who want to be managers will be rolling in money.

Rent Out Rooms

Renting Rooms in Travellers Rest

This goal should be clear. It makes sense that letting out rooms would be the main way an inn makes money. So, it’s strange that this service isn’t right away offered. In Travellers Rest, players have to make a certain number of steps before they can go there.

It will take a lot of work to turn this place into a busy hotel. When you get to Level 8, you can start renting rooms. Even so, managers still have to spend a lot of money. It costs one gold coin to open a room, and the owner must also fill it with a bed, a couch, and other nice things. At first, all of that might seem like a huge loss.

Still, players will eventually get back what they put into the game. The better a room looks to a guest, the higher its grade. In turn, this makes more people want to stay at the inn. Managers will soon get all of their money back and more.

Serve Food & Drinks

The restaurant in Travellers Rest

The other main type of business here is food service. People keep coming back to the inn because of the food and drinks. There are many tables for people to use in the main hall. The players have to use that area to set up tables and food. That’s just the start.

Travellers Rest helps people grow. Once a player gets to Level 6, they can hire a bartender, workers, and other staff. But if they want to save money on pay, they should serve as their own bartenders. But at Level 10, they can get into the wine cellar. Every few levels, there’s something new to do. Still, the update is more than just leveling up.

Managers should always be looking for new ways to do things so they can stay ahead of the competition. By doing tasks or putting talent points on the Cooking Skill Tree, they can learn new ways to make meals. The same is true for unique drinks. The next step is to gather the items. They can be grown, made, or bought from the Postbox. Lastly, the inn gets cold at night, so the managers should remember to turn on the stove at 7 pm. If not, the guests will leave quickly, and all your hard work will have been for nothing. There are so many things to think about that it can be hard to decide where to eat. If people keep these things in mind, though, they’ll have a successful restaurant. The customers will be relaxed, and they will be able to get any combination of food and drink they can think of. When these needs are met, they almost give money to the business for free.

Fulfilling Orders

The brewery in Travellers Rest

Serving food and drinks to people isn’t the only way to make money from them. The inn can also take special orders once you reach Level 4. These have to do with certain meals or drinks. Every day, each manager gets three of these. When you make these treats and send them out, you get back a lot of money. Also, these requests are worth the trouble for more than just the benefits they bring right away.

Also, they have a huge amount of experience. As we’ve already said, these points can be used to improve a lot of things, from facilities to cooking skills. Upgrades like these make it easier to get people and make money, so it makes sense to do them. Because of this, special sales are important steps toward making more money. They’re kind of like a daily bonus for the inn’s growth, and any smart business owner should take advantage of it.


The Haggling option in Travellers Rest

How players spend their money is just as important to their savings as how they earn it. In Travellers Rest, managers will always have to buy a number of things. These include food, chairs, and even just more room. On the other hand, people pay the inn to take care of them. Even though players see a fixed price, that doesn’t mean that price is set in stone.

At some times, Funny Shooter 2 gives you the chance to make a deal. This happens most often when someone rents a room. They say how much money they are willing to spend. Players can take that deal or try to make a better one.This is shown in Travellers Rest by a meter with a goal section and a moving pointer. The minigame is won when the pointer stops in the target area. If you hit that Bullseye, the price goes up by a certain amount. When you win more than once, the price goes up. Getting better at haggling can help you get even more money out of a single deal—up to 150% of the original price. Even though it turns a smooth-talking deal into a game of time, it still takes skill to play. They have to have full faith in their reactions. If not, the customer who doesn’t pay will give them a low price.

Travellers Rest can be played on PC and Linux right now.

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