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8 Great Barbarian AOE Skills In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, barbarians should use these strong AOE skills that will work well against large groups of enemies.

Now that Diablo 4 is here, it’s time to make a Barbarian. Whether it’s Bleed, Whirlwind, or Double Swing, every Barbarian build has plenty of room for AoE. Some skills and items are better than others, but no matter what tool they use, the more damage they do in a wide area, the better.

Since Barbarians are fighting classes, they don’t have many ranged skills to begin with, and they can’t compete with Sorcerers or Druids when it comes to skills that affect a large area. So a player’s choice of AoE skills isn’t just for good, nasty fun. They are a Barbarian’s only way to stay alive when there are a lot of enemies to deal with at once, which happens a lot in Diablo 4.


whirlwind skill tree barbarian diablo 4

This is one of the first area-of-effect skills that Barbarians can learn, and it’s also one of the best. It doesn’t depend on the type of weapon, like some AoE skills do, and works with any of the four weapons the Barbarian is holding.

With the Whirlwind ability, the Barbarian spins around in a circle, dealing damage to all enemies within the weapon’s range. When you hold down that button, keep in mind that this is a channeled ability that costs 20 Fury per second. Improve this skill so it makes more Fury.

Hammer Of The Ancients

Edgemaster's Aspect for a Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients build in Diablo 4

Another great ability that is right next to Whirlwind in the second wheel of the Skill Tree. This one is better for Barbarians who like to use blunt weapons. To use this skill and deal 50% damage to all enemies in a small area around the character, the character needs a hammer or club.

This ability also has an Enhancement that lets the player spend a point or two to make it produce more Fury. This is a nice bonus if the player decides to do so. Every time it’s used, it costs 35 Fury.


rend barbarian ability diablo 4

Rend is Diablo’s version of the Cleave power seen in other games where melee fighters are used. It covers the area in front of the Barbarian and cuts down all enemies in that area.

For players who are using the Bleed build, this is an important skill to pick. It not only does damage right away, but it also does damage over time. When you hit an enemy with Rend, they will bleed for 19% of their health over the next five seconds.

Ground Stomp

DIablo 4 Barbarian-1

In other games, the classic form of the Stun or Stomp has the same effect: it stuns all enemies around the character for 3 seconds and does only 9% of the normal damage.

So, Ground Stomp is a nice three-way skill. It has the AoE that players know and love, as well as a nice effect that controls a crowd and does damage. The stun effect lasts longer on “enhanced” models, and they generate more Fury.

War Cry

diablo 4 disables legendary aspect barbarian berserk ripping edgemaster

A rising cry is a similar AOE ability, but it doesn’t boost a Barbarian’s damage output as much as this ability does. War Cry is on the fourth wheel of the Barbarian Skill Tree. Because it’s an AoE ability, Barbarians won’t be able to use it until they’re around level 10.

This bellowing cry boosts damage by 15% for the Barbarian and their allies for about 6 seconds. War Cry should be bought by players who are making a PvP build or who plan to do a lot of events and missions.



This is a great area-of-effect skill, and it’s also a lot of fun. The barbarian jumps into the fight, and when they land, they do 32% of their normal damage and knock back all enemies in a radius around them.

For Barbarians who already have points in Hammer of the Ancients or Ground Stomp, this may seem like a waste of time. Instead, try Charge. This is another area-of-effect power that lets the Barbarian smash through enemies and deal more than 25% of their weapon’s damage.

Call Of The Ancients

Call of the Ancients Diablo 4

This is an Ultimate skill, which is usually saved for later in Flappy Bird when characters are grinding through higher levels. It has some impressive abilities. The barbarian can call three ancient warriors to fight with them, and all of them have badass powers that affect a large area.

Korlic jumps at foes and cleaves them, dealing 104% damage. Talic uses whirlwind to clear a path, and Madwc rips the ground open and damages enemies standing on it. You can make this skill do more damage and give the three Ancients more skills by improving it.

Iron Maelstrom

Iron Maelstrom in a Barbarian bleed build in Diablo 4

This is another Ultimate power, and it lets the Barbarian switch between the weapons he carries. In Diablo 4, this means that the Barbarian has four weapons, and this one lets them use their dual-wielding, cutting, and bludgeoning skills all at once.

The two-handed hammer or club goes first. When it hits the ground, it does 60% damage and stuns all enemies for two seconds. Then the slicing weapon takes over and swipes forward in a cleaving motion, dealing 20% damage and bleeding damage. Finish off this bloody mess with the dual-wielding weapons, which swing around the character in a circle and do 32% damage when they hit something.

Diablo 4 can be played on a PC, a PS4, an Xbox One, a PS5, and an Xbox Series X/S.

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