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10 Most Unique Factions In Strategy Games

In strategy games, picking a side is an important choice. These are some of the best choices in each category.

Strategy games have always been a test of how well a player can run their own side and use their resources to beat the other side. Many strategy games have come and gone over the years, but there are some groups or races that have stood out because of how strong they are compared to their peers.

Whether it’s a show of power, a slow and steady bombardment of troops, or dominance at the end of the game, these factions come out on top. These are some of the best groups in strategy games. They come from high fantasy, sci-fi, and semi-historical games.

Orcs – Warcraft Series

Orc Grunt staring menacingly

In most of the RTS Warcraft games, the fight has always been between Humans and Orcs. Orcs use brute force to beat their enemies on the battlefield, while Humans use different builds and units to outsmart their foes.

Orcs have more unit choices in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne, but their main strategy hasn’t changed: they use brute force to beat anything that comes in the way of the Horde. Even their support units are made to help the Grunts, Raiders, and Tauren do more damage with their attacks, either by making them fight faster or by giving them healing totems to keep their health in check.

Protoss – Starcraft Series

Protoss warriors ready to engage

The popular Starcraft games from Blizzard let players play as the Terrans, the Zerg, or the Protoss. All three races have their own skills and weaknesses, but the Protoss is the best of the three.

The Protoss are the hardest race to use because they need to use their resources and study powerful units. They also have alien technology that makes it easy for them to destroy enemy troops.

In Starcraft 2, the Protoss get stronger units, but they cost more to make. Most of the time, these aren’t available until the middle or end of the game. However, once they start pumping out a lot of big hitters like Immortals, Archons, Colossi, and Carriers, they can quickly take out enemy forces.

Lotus Clan – Battle Realms

Lotus forces amassing

In Battle Realms, the Lotus Clan stands out among the other clans as the best because they look pale and old. The Lotus Clan has a lot of experience with rot, death, and decay. Even though their units look weak, they make up for it by knowing how to use illegal and arcane magic to wipe out their enemies.

The Three Dead Brothers, who are their Warlocks, and Zymeth, Koril, and Issyl, who are their Zen Masters, use lightning and time magic to mess up the battlefield and hurt enemy troops while making their own forces stronger.

Russia – Civilization 6

Peter the Great

In Civilization 6, players can choose from 19 cultures (or 50 with DLC). In most games, the most important thing is which Leader is picked. However, when it comes to choosing the best faction in Civ 6, Russia comes out on top.

Since the game is special in that players focus on expanding, they should quickly realize that occupying Tundra tiles helps their cause a lot and also adds to their Science or Culture score, depending on whether they have enough important trade routes. Russia can also get more tiles for each city they have, which helps them keep better control over key spots.

The Mongols – Age Of Empires 4

Mongol archer about to shoot an arrow

In Age of Empires 4, the Mongols are known for raiding and setting the pace against other civilizations. They are one of the most aggressive civilizations. So they get the resources they need by robbing and destroying the towns around them. They can do this if they can get their hands on cavalry units early and use them to quickly take over new areas before going back to their bases.

The Mongols can move their bases, which is another thing that makes them special. This is important because if their enemies try to attack their bases, the Mongols can just uproot and move to a better place while their raiding party can flank the enemy and stop their attack.

Clan Of The Stag – Northgard

Clan of the Stag

People in Northgard think that the Clan of the Stag is one of the more well-balanced groups in the game. They are known for getting Fame quickly, which helps them win games. Even though they don’t level up as quickly as some other clans, they make up for it by being able to get strong attack units that help them get to the mid- to late-game.

The Clan of the Stag’s main goal is to get more fame. The more Fame they get, the more bonuses they get for their clan, like more resources, cheaper unit and expansion costs, and big boosts for their war chiefs.

Deutsches Afrikakorp – Company Of Heroes 3

Deutsches Afrikakorp troops waiting for their orders

In Company of Heroes 3, one of the best ways to win is to use vehicles, which help troops get into or hold important spots on the map. The Deutsches Afrikakorp, or DAK, is known for being mobile and giving bonuses to their troops when they are near their vehicles on the battlefield.

Along with the DAK’s mobile and armored tank units. Their artillery is a great way for them to help their friends. These can attack the enemy’s defenses until their friends can break through them and take over important territory.

Soviet Army – Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Soviet units awaiting deployment

In Red Alert 3, you could choose to play as the Soviets, the Allies, or the Rising Sun. All three groups have strengths and weaknesses that are about the same. But the Soviets are the best because they are the most consistent.

The Soviets are in the middle when it comes to building and expanding. But once their bases are up and running, they can use really strong units. In Wordle Unlimited, the story shows that the Soviets became more technologically advanced than the Allies. The Tesla Trooper, the Apocalypse Tank, the Stingray, and the Kirov Airship are all dangerous pieces of equipment they use.

Eldar – Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War

Eldar units preparing for battle

In the Dawn of War games, the Eldar are one of the hardest races to play as. This is because it takes a lot of attention to detail to lead an Eldar unit. But once players understand how the Eldar work, they are a very dangerous force on the battlefield.

The Eldar get a military edge over their enemies by moving their units around the battlefield by teleporting them. Hit-and-run is a strategy used by experienced Eldar players to take out key enemy buildings and leave the defending troops in a mess. Their ability to teleport also helps them take control of important places to get resources and make more units.

The Exiles Of Khorne – Total War: Warhammer 3

Skarbrand the Exiled

The Exiles of Khorne are a group of terrifying and bloodthirsty demons. They are good at making their enemies scared by showing them how strong they are. They are not good at being nice. Instead, they love to cause trouble and bring skulls and blood to their Chaos God, Khorne.

In Total War: Warhammer 3, the Exiles of Khorne need to collect skulls. Because this is their main resource for upgrading units, studying upgrades, and turning on the Skull Throne. The Legendary Lord of this group is Skarbrand the Exiled, who is thought to be the most powerful duelist in the game. Once he is called, putting him on the front lines and in the middle of the fight would often wipe out the other side completely.

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