Gone are the days when you had those boring team building sessions to try and unite your coworkers under the same roof. With new time and the advent of advanced forms of technologies, people today have ushered in unique and immersive team building experiences that will truly unite your team!  

In case you are wondering what we are referring to, well, here’s the answer – escape room games! There’s nothing like your annual team building events to bring together your team, and there’s nothing like the escape rooms to solve your purpose so well. Today, while some may resort to the virtual escape rooms to make their team of workers work together, some others may find it more interesting to visit the traditional brick and mortar escape rooms to experience the games.  

Irrespective of whether you play these games online or offline, the escape games can be immensely beneficial for team bonding. Here are the most vital reasons that make team building in the escape rooms so effective:  

Provides immense opportunity for collaboration. 

Escape rooms are first of all team games where players need to work together to ultimately achieve the main aim of the game. Unlike any other game where players may have found some opportunity to work individually, escape rooms function by completely eroding this option. Thus, when you play an escape game it is imperative for you to play together with the rest of your team.  

The escape rooms offer players numerous opportunities to interact with each other as they play the game together. In doing so, the escape rooms promote collaboration and team spirit amongst the team members.  

Playing the escape games can be a highly effective way method for you to enhance inter and intra-departmental communication and friendship. By playing the game together, players can learn to trust each other while also learning about their coworkers. The friendships forged in the escape rooms will thus go a long way in helping prospective players work together even while they are at work! 

Discloses the strengths and weaknesses of team members. 

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Escape rooms are full of various intriguing and unnerving challenges and riddles that players need to solve so that they can succeed in the game. The intuitive nature of the challenges that the players face inside the escape room make it essential for them to expose their strengths and weaknesses.  

While someone in your team may not be as good in leading the others, but is exceptionally great when it comes to solving tricky puzzles and riddles. Someone whom you though to be the quiet introvert, may be good in organizing and managing time well.  

The escape rooms can therefore serve as fruitful adventures that can help you reveal the inner strengths and weaknesses of your employees. It will help the fellow teammates to grasp each other’s skills and consequently work around them to attain victory. These hidden strengths that the escape rooms reveal about each prospective player can also at times come of help in the workplace and help you get out of a sticky situation!  

Enhances communication abilities of the players.  

Since it is a team game, escape rooms lay immense focus on effective communication. While playing the escape game, it is crucial for team players to learn to continuously communicate with each other, sharing their discoveries, opinions and thoughts about the game.  

In case your team of employees do not talk enough to each other nor share their ideas with each other, getting them to play an escape game can be fruitful! The tense situation inside the escape room will push players to talk to each other, about how they should proceed next in the game, or how to solve a certain puzzle.  

Players will be left with no other choice but to talk to each other and communicate their ideas. At the same time, players will also learn to listen to their fellow teammates and appreciate their ideas. In this way, the escape rooms can help you bridge an effective stream of communication amongst players, helping them to not only talk but also to listen to each other.  

Boosts up team morale.  

There is nothing like low team morale that can drag down the overall efficiency and productivity of your workers at the workplace. In case your workers are also suffering from an incessant lack in morale and do not feel enthusiastic about working together, making them play an escape game can be the perfect choice! 

The escape rooms will help players to drag themselves out of their boredom and indulge in something thrilling and exciting. Players can now bond with each other over the game and create beautiful memories for them to look back on later!  

In this way, by rejuvenating the spirits of your workers and helping them make joyous memories together, the escape games can help you boost your team morale. It instills in players a sense of togetherness that binds and holds them together.  

Now these are just a few of the many ways that the escape rooms help in team bonding. So, if your team of your employees are also a dysfunctional lot and seem to be unable to work well with each other, it may do you good to make them play an escape game together!  

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