Prime Position SEO General The pinna, also known as the auricle

The pinna, also known as the auricle

Absolutely correct! The pinna, also known as the auricle, plays a crucial role in the initial stages of the hearing process. Here’s a bit more detail about the pinna and its function:

Pinna (Auricle): The pinna is the visible, external part of the outer ear, and its structure varies from person to person. It is made of cartilage covered by skin and is attached to the side of the head. The pinna has a distinctive shape and folds, which aids in capturing sound waves and funneling them into the ear canal.

Sound Collection and Localization: The unique shape new audition of the pinna allows it to act as a sound collector, helping us detect sounds coming from different directions. Sound waves from various sources arrive at the pinna and interact with its contours differently based on the sound’s direction and frequency. This causes certain sound frequencies to be amplified or attenuated, depending on the angle of incidence.

Funneling Sound into the Ear Canal: Once the sound waves are collected by the pinna, they travel through the ear canal, a tube-like structure that leads to the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The ear canal is about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in length and has a slightly curved shape.

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