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What is a law firm?

There are two reasons why you go to a legal study or firm. Either you need to solve a legal problem or you require legal advice to avoid it. For example, when drawing up a contract, finalizing a divorce or making a complaint to compensate damage.

Law firms are offices of professional experts in law. They specialize in different areas of law. They handle a variety of cases, offer advice, provide legal follow-up, and you can use their services at any time.

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word firm as “study or office of a lawyer”. The word is derived from the French buffet which refers to a piece of furniture.

These legal firms focus on resolving situations based on the country’s legal framework, its constitution, laws, and regulations.

They work cooperatively. They are a work team that, through the knowledge of each member, deals with specific issues, following up and accompanying their clients and a long list of functions.

Law firms have evolved with the new ways of communicating and connecting in the digital world. A few years ago it was necessary to make an appointment and have long meetings to define strategies.

Today you can access their services by going to their offices, but also online. You can even sign documents online, with full legal endorsement. By visiting the website of a firm you can get quick answers and even, if there is a mobile app involved or a messaging platform or direct contact, they can answer you in real time or do a quick consult.

How are law firms organized?

Lawyers often partner to create the firm. These are the ways in which these professionals are organized:


  • They are part of the firm’s board of directors and also act as owners.
  • They manage the capital.
  • They are responsible for maintaining a portfolio of clients.
  • They handle the legal issues of the main and most important clients such as companies, politicians, public figures, among others.
  • They also manage the work teams for the optimal functioning of the office.


  • They are lawyers who in specific cases provide their services to the firm.
  • Sometimes, his figure is only collaborators who can help with their knowledge to deal with cases.
  • Some may be co-owners.


  • They are also legal professionals, but with less experience, generally no more than two years.
  • They carry out auxiliary tasks
  • They are subordinates of associates
  • They are in these studies to gain new knowledge and build a post-degree career.
  • Their work is constantly supervised.
  • Over the years they aspire to become associates or partners.

How do law firms work?

Everyone who is part of a legal team at a law firm has their responsibilities. The most important are the following:

  • Gather information and investigate in depth the cases in which they work to represent and/or defend their clients.
  • They create strategies to defend their clients in court.
  • They represent their clients in hearings and other legal circumstances.
  • They draft and analyze legal documents such as contracts, powers of attorney, among others.
  • They reconcile to achieve benefits for their clients.


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