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Crucial Signs Your Chimney is in Desperate Need of Repair – #Will Shock You!

At the onset, it appears as though you have a decrepit chimney that requires attention. But wait! There may be signs that indicate it may not be in such dire straits after all; you just need to know what they are!

You’ve unceremoniously tossed a log into the fireplace and watched with satisfaction as flames burst forth within its depths. However, upon closer inspection there is something amiss – an absence of smoke billowing upward into the atmosphere!

Upon taking note of this disconcerting phenomenon, one might surmise that their chimney needs repair work. Indeed, if cracking sounds can be heard coming from within

and no smoke is rising up towards the ceiling then it could potentially mean that your firebox needs patching up

– don’t delay any longer in seeking out professional assistance!

1. You see smoke and heat but one or two flames only.

When you are conversing with an expert, they can discern whether or not your chimney is in need of repairs by detecting any hint of smoke within the home.

The gap between the flue and the roofing can be completely unobservable for a novice;

however, an experienced pro will be able to spot any cracks or holes in no time! They may even discover some firewood thrown up inside

– an indication that something could be amiss with those connecting components between your home and fireplace. Either way

– if you see a plume of white smoke rising from your chimney (or hear crackling noises occurring in the vicinity) then it’s prudent to contact a specialist ASAP!

2. The fire doesn’t always start on 1st try

If you’re a seasoned user of your fireplace, then you’re likely aware of the peculiarities associated with this apparatus. It’s quite common for seasoned users to experience difficulties initiating their fire – sometimes even after multiple attempts! This is due to an accumulation of ash residue within the flue which can impede its ability to light up properly.

If the operation takes place with relative ease,

yet the fire fails to spark properly on subsequent attempts it could be due to obstructions in the chimney or an absence of proper ventilation through the structure leading to increased levels of smoke.

Either way; this suggests there may be a problem either with your fireplace installation or

with aspects such as damper settings that need attention before we provide any advice

3. No matter how carefully you clean the fireplace

There are certain compounds that should not be introduced into the chimney; otherwise, these can lead to some alarming scenarios.

Ensure that no soot or creosote is found in the flue. These harmful byproducts have been linked with a variety of health hazards, including respiratory issues such as asthma and emphysema.

Keep your fireplace neat and well-organized to prevent any accidental contact with combustible materials – like a short circuit!

it still looks dirty

When you peer into your fireplace, you’ll notice a color and depth of its embers, as well as its firewood arrangement.

If the chimney appears unclean or dusty, then this may indicate it needs to be cleaned out; however,

if it still looks dirty even after expeditious efforts have been expended on cleaning it up – then this is a surefire sign that repairs should be made!

What can you do with an unruly (and potentially hazardous) pile of ash? Some people use it for cooking or crafting; others toss it away like trash.

4. The soot buildup is considerable or the fireplace is very drafty

If your soot problem is considerable, then it’s quite possible that you may notice some soot buildup on the interior of your fireplace or hear an odd hissing sound during use. If this happens to you, t

hen chances are high that you’ll want to seek out professional help for further inspection

– don’t forget about it!

Even if your chimney does not give off any notable signs of distress,

yet still emits a significant amount of smoke

– especially when compared against its size

– it may be time for some extensive repairs.

5. The masonry walls of your fireplace look like they’re crumbling

The crowning glory of any fireplace is its mantle, and if it’s been left unattended for a long period of time it can be quite apparent that it has seen better days. If the stone facings on your hearth are troublesome to look at, don’t fret

– there could be an underlying cause behind this unsightly phenomenon!

If you observe any chipping or other signs of deterioration in the masonry walls of your fireplace,

these issues could indicate that they’re already disintegrating due to neglectful upkeep. This can result in cracks appearing along their surface; which eventually leads to more substantial problems occurring. Therefore, if you notice such disheartening defects then perhaps it would be prudent to contact a reputable chimney repair specialist before further damage occurs!

6. The fireplace appears to be larger than it actually is

If you’re using an outdated fireplace, you may find that it’s smaller than originally thought. In fact, a study conducted by the Hearth, Patio

and Outdoor Advertising Association revealed that more than half of all people surveyed believed their fireplace was larger than it actually was – leading to significant wasted space within homes!

To avoid this pitfall, inquire about the dimensions when installing your new fireplace. If it is too narrow for its intended use, consider applying for a permit or upgrading to something suitable like a log fireplace insert from our store.


To ensure the longevity of your chimney cap, it must be periodically inspected for cracks or holes. If any are detected,

it should be replaced at that time so as not to allow the problem area to become larger

and create even more potential for collapse at some point in the future.

If you have any questions about chimney repairs or would prefer not to schedule an appointment, simply submit a request online or call us today!

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