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Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain Latest Serial Updates

Abhir asks everyone not to cry as the episode starts of Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain. Abhir returning home occasionally is a wonderful thing, according to Dadi. If you need assistance, and Manish advises you to call me. Also Thank you, for taking your medications on time, says Muskaan. Desi Serial She nods as she notices Kairav. Rohan dials Abhi’s number. He predicts I’ll be late. When Manjiri sees him, she is reminded of Abhi’s remarks. She claims that I’m making the choice for my son. End of FB. When I’m meeting Abhir, according to Abhi.

Akshu declares:

Abhir wanted to return home:

I am aware that you turned off your phone on purpose, replies Abhi. Happy tears are shed when Akshu and Abhinav see their house. Abhir sneezes. Akshu forces him to put on the mask. According to Abhinav, I had been anticipating this day for a while. They walk inside the home.Ocassionaly light and water, according to Abhir, are absent. But it’s our house, she counters. Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain Abhir wanted to return home, claims Aarohi. Don’t protect your sister if you can’t stand by me, says Abhi, who also claims that this is his home. Abhinav hugs Abhir and says, “We will make the house beautiful again. It’s small, but it’s ours. We had decorated this together.” Boys, welcome home, says Akshu. Her phone rings.

I don’t know how, but I want you here immediately, says Abhi. Sorry Bade Papa, I was going to call you, Akshu says. To follow his instructions, Abhi consults the attorney. Abhi becomes irate. I wish to see Abhir with my Abhi, according to Manjiri. The plans are made by Akshu and Abhinav. Will Abhir sleep with Neela, he inquires. Yes, she confirms, she will dump him if he causes trouble. He claims that I have already paid his school fees online, but there are still many things on the list, including taking his books. She sobs. What happened, did I say anything wrong, and don’t cry, he queries.

Abhi meet with Abhir:

I had given you a warning, and you didn’t listen to me, she is taking your son away, then she adds, and you have to catch a flight to meet him. Akshu and Abhinav are taking him to Kasauli. You also knew it, he claims, and you ought to have stopped her. I firstly warned you, she says Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain. You erred by blindly believing them. Also onsider the repercussions. Recognise that if you want your right, you must battle for it. Abhir is your son. Decide if you want him or not.

Muskaan’s notes are eventually placed in the bag by Kairav. He chuckles. He reads autobiographies. Neela, Akshu, Abhir, and Abhinav visit the Kasauli residence. Did you all come for me, and wonders Abhinav. Yes, but the neighbours respond, welcoming Abhir and his family. Also the women perform tilak and aarti. Abhir gives his pals hugs. Firstly According to Akshu, I shall create jam for everyone. But neighbours provide assistance. I’ll be participating in a football game, according to Abhir. Neela advises me to check when I get home. Akshu declares, “I’ll be there, too and You’re not working.”

Aarohi receives a hand pain:

Abhi speaks to Akshu at the beginning of the next episode. He claims that Abhir needs special attention because he can run, walk, and play football, and everything is documented in this post-operation paperwork. When Manish sees them, he wishes for a quick resolution. Make Abhir relax, says Abhi; it’s important. It’s difficult, says Abhinav. Aarohi receives a hand pain reliever spray from Abhi when she visits her. I went completely blank when I saw my son, but you have supported me despite everything that has happened, the man says. She claims that Abhir also signifies to me. He requests that she return home to be with Ruhi. Yes, she answers. Aarohi is blessed by Manjir. They beam.

According to Ruhi, you spent 4 days in the hospital. I want to go home, says Abhir. They converse. Aarohi and Akshu also visit their kids and converse with them. We shall now head to school, according to Aarohi. We shall meet Abhir, adds Ruhi. Okay, but first school, replies Aarohi. Everyone comes to Abhir, including Manish. He claims that Abhir’s requests will be granted. He hears, Abhir’s complaints. Makes a PJ is Abhinav. Abhir and Akshu make a poor joke. Neela requests some food from Abhir.

Inquires of Abhi:

Dadi responds, “Yes, you will get what you want in a few days. Ask for something else.” Ruhi is the best sister, but I miss my home, so I want to go to Kasauli, says Abhir. I’ll meet my pals there. We’ll return later, he promises. You are heading to Kasauli, Manish says. We won’t miss Abhir too much, claims Kairav. He chuckles and replies, “I’ll take care of everything.” Abhir will change locations, so Manish inquires whether everything is good. We must inquire of Abhi, claims Abhinav.

Ask him, Abhir claims he worries a lot about me. Abhi overhears Manjiri discussing the hearing time. He claims that we won’t discuss the court case because it isn’t about you and him, but if we go to trial, who will look for Abhir? I don’t want to take anything away from him. The hearing, according to Akshu, is in two days. Earlier Manish argues that Abhir has to be looked after. She claims there is no alternative. Although Kaira is sent a courier by the servant. Manjiri claims that Abhi sent it which would constitute court documents. Then Abhir also smiles and checks.

To get water, he leaves:

They beam it:

She claims that as we left, I was concerned about whether Abhir would receive a fine or not and subsequently the court case. I understand that worry spiked, adds Abhinav. I can’t believe that everything turned out okay, but she claims that our faith has prevailed. Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain Full Episodes He responds, “Yes, it’s true; we’re starting over; Abhi knows the truth; and our son didn’t leave us.” He drys off her tears. They beam.

When they see the distinct beds, they remember an earlier time. Plays is Dil Nai Lagda. The sheets were spread. Upon seeing one another, they smile. He tells me that you sing really well; had I known this six years earlier, I would have listened to your songs; I will do so now. However, if you don’t want to sing, it’s fine; your quiet is as musical. To get water, he leaves. Aapki nazron ne samjha is the song she sings. He grinned and hugged her.

Akshu affirms:

Abinav claims that because Abhi has suspended the case, there is no longer a case. Abhinav queries, “Really,” Yes, she answers. As per Dadi, God creates a path for us. Abhi can accomplish this, adds Kairav, which is astonishing. Manish claims to adore Abhir dearly. Akshu affirms that Abhir will be happier with us if he accepts this, and he is attempting to do so. Abhinav claims that he is a better parent, that he overcame his fear and underwent surgery, and that he is leaving Abhir for his benefit. Right, Manish responds, I’ll go tell Abhir. Nor We should tell Abhi about our journey to Kasauli, according to Abhinav.

She responds, “You’re right; I’ll speak with him.” I’m not sure if I’ll agree or not, says Kairav. She tells Abhi about Abhir’s request over the phone.She asks if there is no issue so we can leave. She claims that after leaving a message saying he had not returned her call and was currently at a medical camp, Either she was left wondering what to do. No need to call him right now, says Kairav. No, he warns, failing to inform Abhinav of Abhir’s desire to visit Kasauli will result in sin.

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