Prime Position SEO Technology 7 Reasons Why Voice Search and Ai Are Important in Digital Marketing

7 Reasons Why Voice Search and Ai Are Important in Digital Marketing

About 50% of Americans use voice search daily. This marks a technological change. Because of this, companies should start analyzing how voice search can affect their digital marketing strategy.

In fact, the moment has come to start thinking about factors like rankings and natural language processing (NLP) and using digital marketing AI tools. 


When you optimize your brand for voice search, you can expect better results than before. 

Current voice search analysis shows voice search has driven over $2 billion in sales. The market predicts that by 2024, voice searches will account for 70% of searches and it could generate revenue of over $30 billion. 

So if you haven’t invested in voice search optimization, it’s time to. 


  1. Phrases are becoming a priority

One way that voice search has changed digital marketing is through the search pattern. Instead of typing, people speak their queries to initiate a search. This results in long sentences in search engines. 

Digital marketing professionals need to optimize long-tail keywords to rank well on search engines. Long-tail keywords and natural language searches are likelier to become more significant in search engine optimization (SEO). 

If brands want to appear at the top in voice search results, they must optimize their content for these kinds of keywords. If you are not sure how to do that, an AI content-generator like Practina can do the job for you.

Note: It is important to use a natural and conversational tone in the content, blogs, and articles to sound like a genuine person talking. Ensure you avoid the salesy tone. 
  1. Voice search can increase the value of position zero

Before the changes in Google’s recent algorithm, ranking highly in Google’s search results was the main priority for SEO. Even that has changed because achieving “position zero” is the objective if you want voice searches and AI referrals to endorse your brand.

When you utilize voice search or AI, the platforms will regard position zero as a crucial component of the question solution. Your brand may gain more momentum, which can increase sales. 

Even better, you steal crucial traffic from the top search result, cutting the first result’s click-through rate (CTR) by 8%. It is beneficial for you because you’re depriving your rivals of web presence and traffic. Analysts believe that PO’s value and potential return will rise due to its significance in voice search.

Note: Position zero will face more competition as a result of its enhanced value. If your company manages its online marketing campaigns internally, get your staff ready to spend more effort creating and optimizing content for PO. 
  1. Conversational content is essential for voice searches

Your content should match how people communicate verbally because they speak differently from how they write. This also applies to how users communicate with AI ChatBots. 

Creating conversational content can benefit your brand. Keep this in mind while creating content for any platform that anyone can access by voice search or artificial intelligence. 

Get creative with the words you use to express yourself and your brand since this comes down to word choice. Conversational content can help search engines better understand the user’s intent and provide more relevant results.

Note: Voice search is becoming more prevalent and search engines are placing a greater emphasis on delivering conversational results. This means that websites and content creators need to optimize their content for voice search by using natural language.
  1. Responsive and fast website plays an important role

Keep in mind that mobile design and website speed will continue to play an important role when thinking about the role of SEO for voice search. In the United States, 97% of people use mobile devices, and an astounding 97% of mobile users utilize an AI-powered voice assistant. 

To improve conversions, you must ensure that your mobile website is up to date. You should expect the results in a mobile-friendly style because people conduct voice searches on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

Note: Take into account the design components that will draw visitors to your website and increase their likelihood of taking services from you.
  1. Voice search can increase the value of local SEO

More than 55% of customers use voice search to find nearby businesses. Additionally, more than 75% of people who own voice-activated speakers use them to find local information. For local exploration, people depend on their voice assistants and smart speakers.

Note: Local firms should give voice search SEO and local SEO top priority because of this. Both provide your company with significant value and opportunity.
You can boost sales or accomplish your objective of opening a new location with the combined advantages of local search and voice search.
  1. Voice search may become necessary for digital marketing

Businesses can’t ignore voice searches with billion of them being made each month. More customers are using it as a daily tool to discover new services. Businesses that neglect voice search are ignoring a potential revenue stream.

Analyzing voice search keywords gives you the chance to connect with your target audience, regardless of your organization. Additionally, customers want companies to emphasize voice search.

More than 50% of voice-enabled speaker users responded positively to a recent study asking if they were interested in hearing from brands about offers and promotions. 

In this case, voice users are requesting that your business gives them a reason to take service. Voice search helps companies to boost revenue and sales. 

Note: All it takes is integrating voice search optimization into your digital marketing strategy.
  1. The value of AI may enhance with the use of voice search

When it comes to adjusting to voice search, many marketers and digital marketing firms want to use the potential of AI. Businesses may gather and examine a huge amount of data using AI and machine learning to gain useful knowledge.

A staggering quantity of data is already available from more than one billion voice searches each month. The problem for these firms is that they haven’t yet adopted AI.

When it comes to voice search, companies that don’t manage their digital marketing completely can be at a severe disadvantage. 

Note: Many companies may opt for outsourcing agencies for marketing. However, AI tools like Practina can help businesses optimize their online marketing by understanding the relevant keywords as per voice searches.


People can achieve great results through voice search and AI, which extend to search engines. You can make it simpler for customers to take services, and ideally, see increases in your profit margins by optimizing both for your platform.

There are AI tools for digital marketing that can use long-tail keywords as per the top voice search results. Some of them can handle your complete digital marketing process from creating content with relevant keywords to posting and optimizing it. 

One of the popular digital marketing AI tools is Practina. It takes care of your business’s marketing once you set your preferences. 

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