Prime Position SEO General The ROI of Alfresco Enclosures: How They Can Increase Your Property’s Value

The ROI of Alfresco Enclosures: How They Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Alfresco enclosures provide a wide range of benefits which increase the value of your property. If your house has a louvered patio roof installed, it provides additional control over the outdoor space. A patio roof obstructs the entry of dust and other harmful elements into your alfresco enclosure. Continue reading to know more about how an alfresco enclosure increases the value of your property.

11 Ways by Which Your Property Value Increases With Alfresco Enclosures

Aside from ensuring your house gets a complete makeover with alfresco enclosures, it also elevates your Return on Investment when selling your house. A few ways by which an alfresco enclosure increases your property value are:

1. Increased Living Space

You as a homeowner with your alfresco enclosure can expand your living area. This area can either serve as a spot for relaxation, entertainment or dining. This extra space can increase the perceived value of your home while selling the property.

2. Enhanced Privacy

Enclosed alfresco adds an extra layer of privacy than outdoor areas. New homeowners who value privacy more can offer extra value for your property because of the additional private space.

3. Improved Functionality

Your alfresco enclosure can be used all year round irrespective of the weather conditions. It means that you as a homeowner can use the extra space even at extreme temperatures. This additional usage will put you in an advantageous position while the valuation of your property.

4. Better Security

The Alfresco enclosure is always segregated through a door. As your enclosure acts as an additional area, it acts as an extra layer of security. This extra security keeps your property in a favourable position while calculating its value.

5. Protection From Harmful Elements

Since the enclosure can be opened or closed as you desire, your outdoor furniture remains safe during extreme temperatures. This layer of protection of your property and furniture from the scorching Australian heat and rain makes the space more attractive to buyers. 

6. Energy Efficiency

Alfresco enclosures act as an extra layer of insulation around your house. It results in low heat transfer from the surrounding to the inside of your house and as a result, your power consumption related to Air conditioners are reduced significantly. As the cost of alfresco enclosure is relatively lower, the ROI on your property will always increase due to the energy efficiency.

7. Additional Aesthetics

You can customise your enclosure to complement the interior decoration of your house. This increases the décor of your entire property which in turn increases the entire valuation of your property.

8. Increased Rental income

As said earlier, having an alfresco enclosure is like having another separate room. If you provide rental services for your property, you can demand a little more rent than usual because of this additional extension.

9. Appeal To Buyers

Enclosed spaces can be a pivotal point while selling or valuing your property as nowadays every potential buyer values outdoor spaces more. This along with a louvered patio roof makes your property highly desired among environmentalists. 

10. Low Maintenance

Alfresco enclosures have a very low cost of maintenance compared to traditional outdoor areas. This makes the alfresco enclosure highly desirable among new home buyers. 

11. More Square Footage

An Alfresco enclosure being an extension of your house comprises more square footage than your usual rooms. This increase in square footage results in a total increase in the area of your property which results in higher property value.

3 Basic Tips for Upgrading Your Alfresco Enclosure

Install Lightings: Adding bistro lights and lanterns can enhance your enclosure with many folds. Additionally, if should opt for professionally installed lighting for extra safety from fire-related hazards.

Build A Fire Pit Or BBQ Pit: Install a fire pit or BBQ pit inside your enclosure. However, you should install fire or BBQ pits; it must have a louvered patio roof to minimise the risk of fire hazards.

Add Plants Or Vines: Amp up your enclosure with efficient landscaping. You can add small plants inside the enclosure for fresh air. You can also add vines inside your enclosure to give it a natural feeling.Finally, the costs of installing alfresco enclosures are very less when compared to the return on Investment. So, it does not matter if you are a new or old house owner, building an alfresco enclosure with louvered patio roofs is always ultimately beneficial in the long run.

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