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How to Draw Joker Easily

How to Draw Joker. When it comes to supervillains, few are as famous as The Joker. He might not be as powerful as some villains, but he’s one of the most memorable.

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The Joker first appeared as Batman’s nemesis in 1940 and has seen many changes and versions since then.

From comics to animated series to portrayals of famous actors like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, there are seemingly endless ways to portray this character.

Now it’s your turn to create your portrait as we learn how to draw a joker in just 6 easy steps.

Although this design is quite detailed, we will break it down to show you how to make it easy.

For this release, we’re aiming for a classic cartoon portrait, but we’ll also look at some ways you can change it up to make it look like other iterations.

We also give some ideas for some extras that you can add to make it even more unique. So let’s dive in and discover how to draw this famous and iconic villain.

How to Draw Joker

Step 1

Although the Joker has had many different appearances throughout its history through various mediums, some things have stayed the same.

She tends to have a long pale face with wild green hair, and those are both elements we will be recreating for this version.

You can draw rough shapes with your pencil to prepare for this drawing.

We recommend looking at some images later in this guide and representing them with basic shapes.

A subtle oval shape for his head and then squares and rectangles for his body and arms would work great.

Whether or not you decide to use these basic shapes, we’re ready to draw the actual face and hair. Most royal faces aren’t as long as this one, but we aim for a pretty over-the-top look.

Draw the sides of his face with a few long, relatively straight lines, then curve inward for his jawline. So we’re going to give it a distinctive rounded square chin.

Your hair is divided into three sections; one on each side and a pointed section on the head.

This section will probably be the most complicated, so follow the reference image closely.

Finish off by adding a long, skinny ear on each side of his head. There are no details on the face, but we will add these as we continue with the next steps of the guide.

Step 2

The Joker’s facial features are also particular and iconic to the character, so creating an accurate portrayal is essential. The most recognizable aspect of her face is her smile.

Joker almost always has a big, creepy grin, and we’ll add that now. Its mouth is divided into two distinct sections.

The first is his mouth, where we can see his toothy smile. Then he’s surrounded by clown makeup, making it even more apparent on his face.

This part has sharp spikes at each end to make it look more menacing. Next, let’s focus on her eyes.

Another well-known feature of the Joker is his expressive eyebrows, so let’s start with that. They are thick and angled rather steeply, giving him his scowl.

Her eyes are located just below her brows and have quite a thick outline around them. A few simple line details around the eyes add more realistic wrinkles to her face.

Next comes his nose, and drawing is more complicated than you might think. We will use a lot of pretty angular lines to give it a crooked look.

Next, draw some curvy horizontal lines to the left and right of his nose to give him his famously sharp cheekbones.

This passage has many subtle details, so don’t be afraid to take it slow while following the reference carefully. The next part will start us off with the body of Joker, so go ahead and do that when you’re ready.

Step 3

When it comes to the body of this version of this Joker drawing, we’re going to make it very detailed and realistically proportioned.

Let’s focus on creating an outline before adding specific details to make this easier.

Even so, we recommend that you follow the reference image closely, and if you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you draw a rough version again with a light pencil.

As we outline, the outline of his arm will protrude into the drawing to make it look like he’s stretching it out in front of him. Draw the gently sloping shoulders first.

The arm on our left is more or less across his stomach, and his hand is fully extended. Drawing hands is difficult, so follow the reference image carefully if you have trouble with this aspect.

If you fight with his hand, it could form into a fist or rip his arm out of the picture.

The right arm is raised slightly, with a small rectangle between the fingers.

This will be the Joker’s calling card, which, as you can probably guess, is the Joker card.

This step has some tricky details, so take your time, and we can add some finer details in the next step.

Step 4

Now that you have the outline of the Joker’s body and arms, we can focus on adding some clothing details. The Joker wears his classic purple jacket over a vest and shirt in this depiction.

First, start by simply adding jacket cuffs. These can be drawn by adding straight lines across the ends of the jacket arms.

Next, we will add the collars of his jacket. This is a part where we recommend closely following the reference image, as it can be tricky and specific.

Each side has two pointed parts that should extend all the way. The next part to draw will be his vest.

This part should be easier to draw since it’s two vertical lines connected.

The right one will be much longer, making it appear as if the left side is hidden underneath.

Finally, we’ll add some pointed rectangular shapes for his shirt’s collar and then use a series of lines for his shirt.

Once you’ve drawn all these features, you can verify that they match our example before proceeding.

If you followed our advice of drawing some lead shapes in pencil, these can now be erased.

Ensure you don’t smudge the ink or erase the lines you want to keep! Then we can add some final details.

Step 5

It’s time to finish the last details of the drawing to prepare the last step, in which we will add some colors to the Joker.

These details are small and subtle, but they will help finish the design nicely.

First, let’s draw the face of the Joker card he’s holding. This has a rectangular border within the outer outline with the word Joker written in the border’s left and right vertical parts.

Finally, there will be a little jester face in the middle. Most of the details in this step will go into his clothes to make them look more realistic.

For starters, you can draw jagged lines on his arms to make them look more wrinkled. Next, we draw small circles in the shirt and jacket sections for small buttons.

Once these details are added, please add some of your ideas! One would be to draw a background.

You can draw the Gotham skyline from an idea or replicate your favorite Joker scene by adding the appropriate background.

Adding other characters like Batman or Harley Quinn would work well too. Finally, you could change some details of his face or clothing to make him look like your favorite version of the Joker.

Step 6

One thing you can’t say about the Joker is that he’s a boring-looking character, and we’re going to show that by adding his signature bright color scheme.

The two primary colors associated with Joker are purple and green, and we’ll definitely add both in abundance. Start by adding some bright green to her hair.

She can work in a few subtle shades of green to add more life and texture to her hair. We’ll also use some green for his vest to keep up his color scheme.

The Joker’s skin is known to be pure white, but you can add light gray accents for some shading, as demonstrated in the reference image.

So we’re going to use different shades of purple for his jacket. Most of it will be quite a light purple, but we will use darker shades for shading.

You can then end up with some orange for her shirt and red for her lips and on the paper. These will finish the drawing, but you can continue in a few ways!

One is to use different artistic tools and mediums to bring out the colors in different ways. For example, using colored pens, markers, and paints could create excellent color contrasts.

You can also use different colors for different iterations of the character you want to represent.

Your Joker Drawing is Finished!

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