BANGALORE has a lot of beautiful places and great aesthetic insights. If you are staying in Bangalore or you visited Bangalore as a tourist, it takes no less time to reach Mysore.

it has a lot of beautiful places and great aesthetic insights. So, if you are planning to visit Mysore from Bangalore, you can follow these steps, also, you can go through the list of places in Mysore, which you can visit.


Firstly, you have the following means of transportation to visit Mysore from Bangalore.

a)      Drive by yourself

If you really wish to visit Mysore, through all the scenic beauties and by dwelling yourself into nature, then this will be the best transport to you. Drive by yourself and experience the closest connection with nature.

b)      Taxi

 If you are in Bangalore, and wish to visit Mysore along with your family or friends, then a taxi will better suit you. Taxi will offer you the utmost convenience you and your family need. It will barely cost you INR 4000 in total per day. Also you can experience all the scenic visions by traveling by taxi.

c)      Day tours

 Are you wishing to travel to Mysore by visiting the en route places, from Bangalore to Mysore, then this option will definitely suit you. Hire a tourist bus, from any tourist company, and this will take you to Mysore by giving you the best travelling experience. The cost of travelling will depend upon the facilities provided by the companies. You can experience all the perfect places on your way to Mysore.

d)      Train

 Train will always be the best route from Bangalore to Mysore, also if you are going to travel in the general compartment, you will be experiencing the best out of best scenes from it. There are 20 trains available in Bangalore railway station to every day from 5.30 in the morning. The cost is also reasonable, and suits everyone.

e)      Bus

 You can travel to Mysore from Bangalore through bus as well. There are frequent buses available from Bangalore to Mysore, you can take this route as well. Many buses are available at the Kempegowda Bus Stand in Bangalore. Based upon your comfort range you can go from a Volvo bus to Ordinary bus. It depends upon your comfort.


Every day is the best time to travel to Mysore. However, if you like to experience the pleasant weather and grandeur , then you can visit from July to January, this really is the best time. Also, during the festival of Dasara you can experience the culture, artistic works and aesthetic beauty of Palace.

The Dasara festival is celebrated as a Victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura, the evil demon. The festival takes ten days to complete, and within those days the streets of are lit up with beautiful colors. However, the place is more crowded at these times, so you need to take proper care if you are visiting during these days, with your kids.


As already specified, there are various aesthetic places en route to Bangalore to Mysore. Some of them are as follows:

a)  Srirangapatnam:

Srirangapatnam is a place which, is situated on the banks of river Cauvery. You can visit the place at day time between 8.30 AM to 5.30PM. It is termed as a small island in general. The place is just 20 kilometeres far from Mysore.

The place was constructed during the reign of Vijayanagara Empire, in 15th century. Later on, Tippu Sultan during his reign, turned this place into summer palace, by constructing a fortress. There is entry fee to this place, except to visit the summer palace.

b)  Mysore Palace:

The place which is familiar to everyone across the world . It is often termed as the best palace after the Taj Mahal. The palace depicts different kinds of architecture, and is an eye feast for those who visit the place. The Chandeliers, artifacts, wooden carvings, churches etc.,

just mesmerizes the viewers. Even the flooring and ceiling are carved out wonderfully. Except on Sunday, the palace is open every day. One can visit the palace from 7AM to 7.40 PM. The palace looks wonderful during the festival of Dasara.

c)  Devaraja Market:

The best wholesale market present in Mysore. One can find any kind of things and objects one is looking for. The silk saree , rosewood, sandalwood products, oils and incense sticks, everything is available in the market.

In conclusion:

the best places a human can ever visit are and Bangalore. So, with a doubt just visit, and fill your life with unforgettable memories 

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