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Endocrinologist in Chennai

In the event that you are experiencing any concerns that are associated with hormone imbalances, the following is a list of the top 10 endocrinologists in Chennai that you may contact.

  1. Dr. K. S.Thalavai Sundarram
    Dr. K. S. Thalavai Sundarram is a highly respected consultant endocrinologist in the city of Chennai. He is also an acknowledged authority in the medical specialty of endocrinology. He has developed a reputation for being very distinctive due to the extraordinary quality of his service, in particular his sensitive care for patients.

Moreover, Guest Posting he guarantees that all treatments are carried out in a crystal clear way with planned visits involving medical and surgical care of the hormonal abnormalities in order to adhere to the required requirements.

  1. Dr. T. S. Boochandran
    With 28 years of experience in the area of endocrinology, Dr. T. S. Boochandran is a well regarded endocrinologist who has been of assistance to a number of patients throughout the course of his career. He never makes his patients wait for a significant number of hours at any point throughout their appointments.

He schedules an appointment in order to provide appropriate service to his team by using cutting-edge technology in the appropriate manner. In addition to this, he keeps himself current by ensuring the utmost comfort for his patients.

  1. Dr. Usha Ayyagari
    Dr. Usha Ayyagari is a well-known endocrinologist in the city of Chennai. She has worked in the area of pediatric medicine for more than 22 years and specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. She makes certain that the therapy that is given with the highest attention to actually aid in boosting the lives of his patients, whether they are young or elderly, is provided. She raises patients’ knowledge of complex hormonal concerns or diseases so that they may better manage their symptoms.
  2. Dr. S. Ramkumar
    Dr. S. Ramkumar is one of the stalwarts who play an important part in the area of endocrinology within the medical community. He handles young children and adolescents who have hormone issues or illnesses that are not severe. His significant contribution to the implementation of cutting-edge technology is illustrative of the effectiveness of his service. The primary factors that contribute to his ongoing success are, without a doubt, his work ethic and the contributions of his complete medical staff.
  3. Dr. G. Shanmugasundar
    People in Chennai put their trust in Dr. G. Shanmugasundar because he is the most qualified endocrinologist in the city and provides treatments that adhere to industry standards. His well-versed therapies at inexpensive rates make his patients obtain a good assessment for his tailored care, which is why he is given the top priority as a devoted endocrinologist. This is why he is given the top priority.

In addition to that, he has been subjected to a large number of therapies, each of which has included a number of problems, until the patient achieves a full recovery.

  1. Dr. M. Ravikiran
    Endocrinologist Dr. M. Ravikiran is committed to his patients’ health and does all in his power to improve their conditions. His patients may contact him for answers about issues such as obesity, thyroid diseases, and hormonal imbalances in children, among other issues.

Since he is a leading Endocrinologist in Chennai and treats his patients with cutting-edge therapies, his patients are able to get their lives back to normal after receiving care from him, which results in the highest level of patient satisfaction possible.

  1. Dr. Anjali
    Dr. Anjali has worked in the area of endocrinology for a significant number of years. She is very skilled in offering routine consultations in order to manage small as well as large surgical procedures. She may be contacted at any time, but a previous appointment is required in order to get explanations from her. She believes that this is the only way for her to verify that her patients are receiving the appropriate care.
  2. Dr. N. K. Narayanan
    He has more than three decades of experience working as an endocrinologist in Chennai, and Dr. N. K. Narayanan is a well-known physician who specializes in endocrinology and has knowledge in this medical area. Dr. N. K. Narayanan possesses experience in this medical profession. He visits a number of hospitals and clinics in order to provide distinctive direction in caring for patients in a professional and compassionate manner with the purpose of achieving a more favorable result.

One of the most well-known endocrinologists in Chennai, Dr. Karthik Balachandran specializes in treating conditions that disrupt the body’s hormonal balance. He is responsible for treating a number of hormonal conditions, which may include diabetes, thyroid, and other conditions. In addition to this, he has an unwavering dedication to the field of endocrinology, which enables him to provide superior diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Dr. P. G. Sundaraman is an endocrinologist who is ready to cure young patients who suffer from endocrine system diseases by inflicting a high level of pain. He does this by prescribing hormone replacement therapy. By taking appropriate preventative precautions, he guarantees that his patients won’t have any discomfort throughout their therapy.

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