Prime Position SEO General Top 10 Things To Do In Charleston, South Carolina

Top 10 Things To Do In Charleston, South Carolina

Aquarium located in South Carolina

This gigantic aquarium is not just a habitat for several species of marine life. There are terrestrial animals, reptiles, birds, plants, and marine creatures, and the combination of all of them is exquisite and flawless. The aquarium has a tank that holds 385,000 gallons of water, and it is in this tank that daily performances are performed. There are also shark shallows, in which you may safely approach sharks and other marine life and pet them without running the risk of being injured or attacked. In addition to that, you shouldn’t miss seeing the 2201b loggerhead sea turtle named Caretta who resides in the large ocean tank.

Park Along the Waterfront

The shoreline at this park that spans more than a thousand feet and has a total area of 12 acres. You may also discover vintage park seats and double swings that face the river in this area, both of which are perfect for enjoying the scenery and unwinding after a day of exploring. As it becomes dark, the pineapple fountain is illuminated, and the seasonal flower beds provide a splash of colour, giving the area a lovely perspective.

The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens both come to mind.

Have you ever been to a vast garden that was beautiful throughout the whole year? In such case, you should visit the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens to see what else they have to offer. The gardens have been welcoming guests since 1870, making them the oldest public gardens in the United States. In addition to that, it has one of the biggest romantically themed gardens found anywhere in the world, making it the perfect location for a romantic picnic.

Plantation located near Middleton Place

The attractiveness of the South may be gauged by looking at the region’s many plantations, each of which contributes significantly to the South’s overall aesthetic appeal. Moreover, Middleton Place Plantation is home to one of the oldest landscape gardens in the United States. Stretched out with walled galleries, lakes, and falling terraces, the ground itself has a great deal of splendour to display.

The United States Navy’s Yorktown and Patriots Point

At Patriots Point, which lies just on the other side of Charleston Harbour from the city, the USS Yorktown may be visited and boarded. This huge ship was the United States Navy’s eighth attempt at building an aircraft carrier. It was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, along with five battle stars for its service in Vietnam and eleven battle stars for its service during World War II. This one-of-a-kind vessel was the one that was chosen to retrieve the astronauts from the Apollo 8 mission, and it was also the one that was used in the first film adaptation of “The Fighting Lady,” which was released in 1944.

Boone Hall Plantation

This plantation is approximately three-quarters of a mile long, and it is well-known for its moss-covered oak trees as well as the fact that it has preserved the original slave cottages on the property. It is one of the oldest functioning plantations in the United States, having begun operations in 1681. Even though they were planted as long back as 1743 by Major John Boone’s son, the trees have a stunning look in photographs. This is despite the fact that they are rather old. This is a location that should not be missed, and the market is well supplied with goods that were grown on the plantation.

Museum of the Ancient Slave Market

The stories of the past are brought to life at this museum, which is housed in a section of the building that was once used for the auctioning of slaves before the Civil War. The Old Exchange and the Provost Dungeon, both of which were used to hold pirates, are the primary attractions here.

This is Drayton Hall.

The Drayton Hall plantation home is the oldest one in the United States that has not been repaired and is still available to the public. The fact that this hall has been preserved exactly as it was found in order to provide visitors with an accurate representation of times gone by is one of its most appealing features. It is one of the few halls that were spared complete destruction during the Civil War. It is home to one of the first African American cemeteries, with graves going all the way back to 1790, and it is still in use today.

The National Monument Located at Fort Sumter

This day, April 12, 1861, marks the beginning of the American Civil War. Its remains have been properly kept to this day, and National Park Rangers provide their insights on how the site influenced historical events.

Ravenel Bridge

The bridge, which was finished in 2005 and bears the name Arthur Ravenel Jr., spans the Cooper River and connects Mount Pleasant and downtown Charleston. Since its construction, the bridge has become an important icon in the area. In addition to its stunning appearance, the bridge is remarkable due to the engineering that went into its construction as well as the possibilities it has.

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