Prime Position SEO General Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

After over two years, it should come as no surprise that many people are, at the at least, exhausted by this terrible epidemic, or perhaps, much more, sick and weary of it and the effect it has had on our lives! Yet, this does not explain, and should not justify, the complete contempt that some have for the greater good and for adhering to fundamental, common sense, public health preventative measures! How did this become yet another political issue when so many people seem to be putting their own personal and political interests and agendas before of anything else? How many more people need to get infected, end up in the hospital, put the lives of others in danger, and/or pass away?

We still do not fully understand all of the possible longer-term repercussions and effects, despite the fact that many elderly people and those with weak immune systems have already succumbed to the disease. Why, despite all of its efforts and expenditures, does this country have one of the lowest immunisation rates in the world among first-tier industrialised nations? Everyone is sick of this, and they all want things to go back to normal; yet, the actions of a small minority are hurting our overall efforts, and they are preventing us from reaching our full potential. With this in mind, the purpose of this essay is to make an effort to provide a concise examination and evaluation of this topic, as well as the reasons why we need to do better.

1) Conspiracy theories: For a variety of different reasons, there are certain people who would rather believe unsubstantiated beliefs and accept them than accept facts. It started with denials, then moved on to charges, and finally resulted in damaging resistance. Is there anybody who does not know someone who has endured the death of a close friend or family member? Although everyone has the right to their own viewpoint, they do not have the right to their own facts to support that position. It would be one thing if your actions just caused damage to you, but it would be quite another if they placed the lives of others in jeopardy!

2) Politics: Why, like so many other topics involving obvious matters of common sense, has this been turned into a political debate? As compared to laying blame, making complaints, denying responsibility, and being obstinate, there is a significant gap between a workable solution and a strategy that has been given careful thought.

3) The importance of data and scientific research Mike Bloomberg often says, “We put our faith in God. Everyone else, please provide data.” According to the past, in order to develop effective fact-based activities, one needs a strategy that is founded on scientific principles, is backed and approved by public health, medical, and scientific people and experts, and is implemented.

4) Resistance to mandates Despite the fact that we have seen opposition to public health requirements in the past, it would seem that we are now living in the most divided society in recent memory. It is not true that someone understands more than the experts just because they do not share the same opinion.

Either we go forward in a way that is more cohesive, or we prolong the atrocities for much longer. Awaken, America, before you and many others are defeated in this fight! It is up to each and every one of us!

For the past four decades, Richard has been an entrepreneur, holding positions as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Development, and consultant. He has also managed events on a professional level, advised thousands of business executives, and led seminars on personal development. Rich is the author of three books in addition to hundreds of articles. Website:, and don’t forget to like the Common Sense page on Facebook:

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