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Is Australia’s Medicare System Under Attack?

As a natural response to the news that some Medicare numbers have been stolen, Australians are anxious about protecting their personal information. The fact that the vast majority of people were born in other countries and now have high-level employment adds to the sense of unease since it is unknown in what covert operations they may be participating. In a recent video that was filmed in Syria, the subject of the video is an Australian doctor who expresses support for the Islamic State as well as Isis.

The advent of the Internet and the computer era has brought about significant shifts in the ways in which private information is gathered and kept. Access to the data bases that include such information is not difficult to get for any medical practitioner, including but not limited to doctors. There is no way to prevent them from causing us damage or selling it to other people if they have that intention. At the very least, it would look to be like that right now.

The administration is working feverishly to allay such concerns, but its success is not certain, and their efforts do not provide any comfort. Despite the fact that the Minister in charge would not disclose how many numbers have been sold, he maintains that the likelihood of identity theft is quite low. The issue that has to be answered is what the criminals stand to gain from their assault on the Medicare System.

One of the five forms of identification that are required for various transactions, including establishing a bank account, obtaining a passport, and even acquiring a driver’s licence, is the Medicare card. In addition, holders are granted access to medical practitioners at a significantly reduced cost or, in the case of bulk billing, at no cost at all. In addition to that, if they provide the Organization with a receipt, they are eligible to get a reimbursement.

In the second scenario, on the other hand, the money is deposited into a bank account so that no one may profit monetarily from the conduct that was carried out. But, the issue is that migrants are also handed Medicare cards upon arriving in the nation, and this may pose a threat to their safety.

It is difficult for people who come from places where crime is rampant and where stealing and cheating are considered acceptable methods of subsistence to suddenly modify their behaviours. A mentality of this kind also makes individuals more likely to assist others in gaining access to opportunities that could result in a profit for themselves.

Despite the fact that Australia has a wonderful system and that the health care of its population is guaranteed, many countries are envious of Australia since it is something that they do not have. Those individuals who are intent on causing damage to our country have another incentive to do so: they wish to take away the nation’s numerous advantages.

In a nation in which everyone, from the poorest to the richest, has access to everything, the government and the people of the nation are now trying to figure out what it is that criminals are trying to steal. Those that move here should surely be aware that everything that has an effect on the nation will also have an effect on them.

We are living in a perilous era on a global scale, and terrorists and criminals may be found almost everywhere. It is not an easy task to stay one step ahead of them. Even if the culprits of this criminal group will most likely be apprehended by law enforcement, the issue that remains is how susceptible free societies are to the effects of problems of this kind.

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