Prime Position SEO General 6 Secrets You Should Know About Samui

6 Secrets You Should Know About Samui

Whether you’re bored of work and longing to escape to the beach, or hunting for your own piece of paradise…

Settle back and enjoy the trip, as we take you on our Hidden Samui Tour to this stunning green island in Thailand.

What is the meaning of the name “Koh-Samui”?

While the coconut tree is commonly regarded the icon of Samui, the terms ‘Koh-Samui’ are derived from the Chinese words “saboey”, which means “safe haven”, and “Koh”, the Thai word for “island”.

Koh Samui, located in the southern gulf of Thailand, has seldom been affected by natural catastrophes since its waters are more stable than those of the islands off the west coast of Thailand, which face the beautiful but hazardous Andaman Sea and the monsoon winds that sweep in from the Indian Ocean.

Hundreds of years ago, Chinese and Malay sea merchants were lured to Samui by the island’s natural beauty, quantity of fresh seafood and fruit, and numerous protected coves.

Samui has progressed enormously since then.

It currently contains prominent 5-star resorts and luxury residences with both celebrities and travellers travelling from across the globe to enjoy in its intoxicating attractions and secret sanctuaries.

*Top Tip: If you want to seem like a native, try saying the name phonetically as it sounds: ‘Ko-sa-moo-ee’

Where in Thailand is Koh Samui situated?

Koh Samui was a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, some 700 kilometres (km) south of Bangkok. Getting there took about an hour.

An international airport and a large number of boat routes make it simple to reach the island. Several daily direct 1-hour flights are available from Bangkok Airlines.

There are also four low-cost carriers servicing the route Bangkok–Surat Thani, so budget-conscious travellers need not worry (the nearest city on the mainland) They are: Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Smile and Lion Air.

Certain non-direct flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui will save you money compared to taking the bus or train, but you’ll have to take a one-hour bus journey to get to the dock and then a one-and-a-half-hour boat ride to get to the island. When the weather is nice, this is a relaxing way to go to Koh Samui.

The overnight train from Bangkok to Samui is also a common way to travel between the two cities. Those who value their own space and cool comfort should choose the top bunks. The bottom bed is cheaper, but it also has less privacy and is hotter. The journey to the island may take longer, but the sights along the route are well worth the wait.

Traveling from Bangkok to Chumphon, then by speedboat to Koh Tao, and finally to Samui is an excellent option for those who like scuba diving and snorkelling.

Tell me about the top attractions in Samui.

Samui is home to dozens of charming towns and villages, making it difficult to choose where to go. The key to having a wonderful time in Samui is figuring out where to stay.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our favourite places to stay.. (Clockwise around the island.)

Bophut and the Fishing Community:

Originally, Fisherman’s Village was a vintage Thai fishing community….

As of late, however, it has become a fashionable and stylish hangout thanks to the addition of trendy new hotels, eateries, and night markets on Mondays and Fridays, as well as a delightful new retail market at the end of the street.

Those who value tranquilly and privacy will find this location ideal. Although while the sand isn’t as nice as Chaweng beach, the culture, ancient wooden buildings, arts and crafts, and clothing stores more than make up for it.

The Great Buddha and Bangrak:

The next stop is Bangrak, where you’ll find several fresh fish stalls and ferry terminals connecting you to Koh Tao for diving excursions and Koh Phagnan for the infamous full-moon parties.

This neighbourhood has also seen significant transformation; now filled with local pubs and clubs, it is a favourite haunt of expats. You’ll fit right in if you like hanging around here for a late night drink, game of pool, or whatever else takes your fancy.

The Great Buddha, a peaceful spot ideal for families, can be found just across the street. The island’s fishermen were the first to discover its fame; it was the best location to take refuge from severe weather.

Choeng Mon & Plai Laem

The island of Plai Laem is like a secret haven. (Located between three major cities, it is known as “the golden triangle” in the property market.)

It’s quieter there, which attracts many visitors, and it’s a hotspot for those looking to buy Koh Samui real estate because of the island’s rapid economic growth.

Choeng Mon bay, just across the street, is geared towards families and has a brand-new water park being constructed in the surrounding forest. Everything you need for a memorable family vacation is right here.

A Look at Chaweng and Chaweng Noi

On the other hand, Chaweng has so many attractions that it would be impossible to mention them all.

This destination has the smoothest beach, the most lively bars, the largest clubs, and the most reasonably priced drink buckets. The Ark Bar and the Green Mango are two of the most popular spots on this major beach route.

As with the rest of the city, this region has recently experienced a makeover, with the addition of the massive Central Festival shopping mall and a wide variety of new food and retail choices.

Conversely, Chaweng Noi bay is a nearby paradise.

Hua Thanon & Lamai:

Lamai is a favourite among tourists because of its deep swimming waters, variety of water sports, and plenty of beachside cafés and restaurants.

Located in the south of Samui, this neighbourhood is more relaxed and bohemian than the northeast, drawing in families, couples, groups, and travellers looking for some peaceful time away from the bustle of the island’s busiest tourist spots.

The ‘Hin Tai Hin Yai,’ also known as ‘Grandfather & Grand Mother,’ are two large granite boulders with the amusing appearance of a male and female genitalia.

The narrow streets of Hua Thanon, a fishing town, lead you around the bend. An endearingly rustic ancient hamlet where people still live in the Thai wooden houses of yesteryear.

The Thong Krut and Laem Set:

The island’s calm Tong Krut and chill Laem Set bays are surrounded by verdant vegetation and provide for the ideal spot to unwind…

Visit the traditional Thai restaurant “Gallapakkarang” on Tong Krut beach, known for its teak hardwood interiors and a renowned palm tree pointing horizontally to sea, for a taste of the region’s fresh seafood.

Roll down the windows and take in the sea breeze that sweeps through the bush on the way to Laem Set. In this area of the island, you may find activities that are suitable for the whole family, from shooting ranges to safaris to zoos to waterfalls.

Nathorn and Lipa Noi

They are the two best spots to relax with a fruit smoothie, tropical drink, or anything else while watching the sun go down.

Lipa Noi is more intimate, with its desolate golden beaches and tranquil, scenic vistas, making it ideal for romantic strolls or a plunge in the ocean after dusk.

Stop for a drink at the “Sunset restaurant” at the end of the day to watch the boats and ships arrive at the Nathorn port road’s corner, completing your tour of the island.

Nathorn, a now-less-desirable industrial village, was perhaps the most sought-after real estate on Samui before the arrival of visitors to the island’s beautiful northeastern beaches.

Therefore, let’s start at the beginning: 4.

The little island in the middle of the ocean has just about every kind of recreation you could want…

See the underwater world on a day excursion to Koh Tao or the Ang Thong National Marine Park, the biggest archipelago in Thailand with more than 80 islands.

Following that, chill down with a romantic meal overlooking Chaweng Noi bay.

Hiring a jeep and driving to the area’s waterfalls and other points of interest is, without a doubt, the most exciting option for people who are looking for excitement. Of course you’re going to get lost — that’s half the adventure!

Can you tell me about the typical weather on the island?

Koh Samui is blessed with almost perfect weather year-round. The island’s typical weather consists of clear blue sky and a refreshing sea breeze.

But, keep in mind that it is a small tropical island, so be ready for sudden bursts of rain at any moment. One of the best parts of living on Samui is how spontaneous it can be.

For those who like it hot, the months of April through June are prime time for barbecuing, while the cooler months of December through March are good for a tropical island vacation.

But beware that the Christmas/New Year season is quite popular, with many people reserving months in advance!

Don’t forget that seasonal high and low tides may transform the same beach from thin to 100 metres long. Visit the island between June and August for picture-postcard beaches, where you may relax on a sand peninsular 100 metres from shore without fear of being swept away.

Important Note: Rain is possible on the island at any moment. As the palm fronds begin to tremble at night, it’s time to grab an umbrella or seek cover.

I have a question about construction on Koh Samui: 6.

The fact that no structure may be higher than a coconut tree is one of Samui’s keys to success in comparison to other islands.

(The minimum required height according to the law is 12 metres.) This legislation, which is in place for environmental reasons, is one of the most straightforward and lovely on Koh Samui.

Because of this, there are no ugly skyscrapers obstructing the treetops from above, and the tallest structures here are no more than four floors tall, with many developers instead opting for low-rise resort-style architecture. The prohibition of any new freehold condominium construction on the island is a significant addition to the existing building codes.

Important: always verify the developer has the necessary permissions and titles before signing any contracts. In certain cases, buying “off-plan” might save you money, but it’s not without danger.

Finally, *The Tip:

Samui has so many mysteries that concluding the tale might be challenging. The last piece of advice is to put down the mouse and come check it out for yourself.

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