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Top 10 Best B2B Websites in India in 2018

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of business-to-business websites.
These B2B websites have been popular for several reasons, including the following: B2B-1 global exposure; 24X7 live showroom; immediate queries; possible buyers; and quick access to a global audience. Today, with the help of our smart phones, the whole globe has become a kind of global business community that we can carry about in our pockets. That’s the holy grail of B2B entrepreneurs everywhere. The international business community is urging all companies to realise the potential of the Internet and implement an efficient E-Presence to compete in today’s market. In today’s world, a global customer base is an absolute must for every company, new or old. The demand for companies to advertise themselves online and target clients all over the world emerged in response to the intensifying competition. Likewise, there was an immediate and pressing want for a central B2B showroom in which to display their wares and advertise their company. In addition, the existence of a common platform where company owners may advertise their wares online can be attributed to the ongoing pricing war and competition among business owners to modernise their business in order to attract more of prospective consumers and strike more of booming transactions.
The Top 10 Business-to-Business Sites in India for 2018

One, B2B-4 at IndiaMART
IndiaMART is the country’s most popular online marketplace for business-to-business transactions. The channel has captured 60% of the Indian online B2B Classified market by catering to the needs of both big and small businesses and people. The firm was established in 1999 with the goal of simplifying the process of doing business. There are 2,539,000 people working for IndiaMART in 76 offices around the nation. Products may be easily located on the web and browsed by category, brand, supplier, location, and so on. The items available for sale and purchase on the website are easy to locate for the user.
TradeIndia’s B2B5
TradeIndia was established in 1996 to help the country’s business community expand internationally.
It has carved out a niche as India’s most comprehensive business-to-business marketplace by providing a wide range of services to the domestic and international business community. These include a comprehensive online directory, trade show and event facilitation, and a variety of other online resources. Traders from all around the world may meet and do business efficiently on our platform. Tradeindia has 2,256 main product categories and countless more sub-categories, thanks to the company’s unparalleled skill in data collecting and online advertising. It is advertised extensively on the internet and attracts an average of 20.5 million monthly visitors thanks to its prominence in search engine results.

INFOCOM NETWORK LTD. is responsible for the upkeep and promotion of Tradeindia. Under the inventive leadership of Mr. Bikky Khosla, CEO, the firm has grown to a database of 44,87,116 members, and every day, a large number of new people sign up.

Thirdly, exportersindia B2B-6
Weblink has owned and operated this site since its inception in 1997.
Pvt. Ltd., a company that has made a reputation for itself in the field of online design, development, and e-commerce. This site has been given the exposure it needs in the worldwide business arena thanks to the efforts of weblink.In Pvt Ltd., a company with unrivalled expertise and skill. Our platform has become the one-stop shop for satisfying the needs of both buyers and sellers. is a one-stop shop for all your commercial needs, helping businesses get the visibility and advertising they need to compete in today’s global market. Thanks to cutting-edge methods and equipment, India’s exporters have earned a solid reputation. With so many companies and goods included, our B2B directory is the place to be for anybody interested in seeing international commerce flourish.
B2B-7 on, Number 4.
It’s also one of the most rapidly expanding business-to-business sites in India. They are mostly involved in the wholesale acquisition and distribution of packaging supplies. Aniket Deb, Sachin Agrawal, and Ankit Tomar, all of whom graduated from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi in 2014, founded the company that would eventually be backed by Accel Partners. While it started as a marketplace for plastic and chemical goods, the site currently primarily features packaging supplies. Its competitive advantages lie in its experienced staff and flexible nature. This site’s popularity as a B2B marketplace in India may be attributed to its well-maintained categories and solutions, as well as its user-friendly interface (GUI) for finding the precise product being sought. Food packaging, bottles, crates, pallets, drums, dustbins, bags, boxes, flexible films, pouches, and bubblewraps are all included in the primary categories of packaging.
Fifth, JimTrade: B2B-8
JimTrade’s major focus is on exporting and distributing Indian goods over the world. It is a frontrunner among India’s B2B media outlets, serving as an information hub for foreign buyers and a provider of comprehensive marketing solutions for Indian exporters. All the information a buyer may need about Indian manufacturers and distributors is right here. JimTrade is the most popular online marketplace for B2B commerce and company promotion in India. Almost 5,000 Indian manufacturers and goods are listed on JimTrade. Each day, thousands of registered purchasers view this data.
B2B-9 on India.TradeFord, number 6.
Apart from Alibaba, TradeFord is another well-known B2B platform among international merchants and businessmen. The website really operates several country-specific counterparts in places as diverse as China, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and so on. The Indian. India’s regional B2B Platform on is called Businesses may now advertise their wares and promote themselves online with little cost and effort from their customers. This platform’s prominence among B2B marketplaces may be attributed to the meticulous upkeep of its product and company categories.
Seventh in the FICCI-B2B rankings, the B2B-10
The Confederation of Indian Industry (FICCI), India’s biggest and oldest business group, manages FICCI-B2B. ( Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). FICCI was founded in 1927 and has since become India’s preeminent business association. Its development coincided with India’s fight for freedom, its entry into the industrial age, and its rise as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.
The Confederation of Indian Industry (FICCI) is a private, non-governmental organisation that represents India’s commercial sector. FICCI represents the interests of business in a number of different ways, including but not limited to influencing policy, fostering discussion, and interacting with policymakers and civil society. Its members are from the private and public corporate sectors of India, as well as from a number of global corporations, and it draws its power from a network of state-level chambers of commerce and industry that together serve more than 2,50,000 businesses.

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) serves as the primary hub for India’s private sector, government, and foreign business communities to connect, network, and reach agreement on issues of mutual interest.
Udaan number eight: B2B-11
Udaan is a fantastic app-based B2B solution. It was formed by three senior executives of Flipkart and acquired $10 million dollars backing from ‘venture capital’. Udaan facilitates transactions between Indian retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and dealers. On this site, over 20,000 wholesalers have already made purchases. Product categories are well labelled, making it simple for users to locate the goods they’re looking for.
B2B-12 TradeExporters
When it comes to B2B platforms in India, TradeExporters is quickly rising to the top. It is home to both Indian and foreign corporations. The portal’s well-maintained categories, News, Updates, Expos, etc., make it a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers. You may discover Sell offers, Purchase offers, and Trade exhibitions on its Portal as well, expanding the range of services it provides to Users. It also informs you about new companies selling cutting-edge goods at affordable prices.
India’s B2B-13 TradeKey is entry number 10.
For Indian businesses, tradekey is the go-to platform. India is an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified business. Goods, Buyers, Sellers, Services, and Trade Programs are all conveniently located in one place on Tradekey. More than six million people all across the globe have signed up for it. It’s the world’s second-largest B2B marketplace, and it’s recognised among Asia’s 500 fastest-growing businesses.

It’s common knowledge that a solid brand name is essential for succeeding in business, yet things are always evolving. The rules of the marketing game have shifted drastically due to the advent of new technologies and the expansion of markets made possible by the advent of the digital world. The globe has shrunk, and customers may now readily communicate with sellers everywhere. Worldwide rivalry has resulted from this surge in visibility. Business-to-business (B2B) platforms, such as B2B websites or B2B marketplaces, exist to alleviate this issue by connecting buyers and sellers and transforming leads into closed deals. After doing extensive study, I have determined that the following 10 B2B websites are the most well-liked by both Sellers and Buyers. To the best of my knowledge, I have covered the most of the major B2B websites that are based in India, however I may have missed a few.

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