Prime Position SEO Health Tips Defending Against Coronavirus: Importance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

Defending Against Coronavirus: Importance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

The phrase “happiness is an inside job” is perhaps well-known, while “the kingdom of heaven is inside” is probably even more so. Parallel everlasting truths are expressed in two statements written hundreds of years apart.

Of course, the word “inside” has a directional meaning, as the source of true health, healing, happiness, immunity, and wealth is within each individual.

So, where exactly is “heaven” inside, and how can we effectively harvest its health, pleasure, and immunity?

At the conclusion of the piece, you’ll find a practise method specifically designed for this purpose.

Several ‘inside’ sayings, including those found in the Bible, are meant to stimulate the endocrine system, and more especially the thymus gland, which was created by God to combat viruses like the coronavirus.

When our thoughts and feelings merge with the thymus’s output, we get the full, rich experience we all want.

The word “thymus” stems from the Greek word “thymos,” which means “life force,” and is also translated as “second heart” and “Holy Heart” in the Bible.

The thymus, which is often called the “happy centre,” contributes to good ageing and long life.

It is interesting to note, however, that the release of the miraculous antiviral proteins, the mature white blood cells known as T cells, the antibodies or T lymphocytes responsible for defending against foreign antigens entering the body, will almost certainly go unobserved from a stimulated thymus.

The immune system’s precise and selective production of antiviral proteins makes them the immune system’s committed troops in the fight against viruses. When the thymus acts as an incubator, it produces antiviral proteins called interferons, which are potent inhibitors of virus growth in cells.

The bone marrow produces white blood cells, which then circulate through the body to the thymus gland, where they develop into fully functional, virus-fighting cells.

The thymus is a key immune system organ that may be found in the upper chest behind the neck, right below the third rib.

T cells, a kind of white blood cell, are “trained” by the thymus to identify invading foreign cells, just as athletes are “trained” by a coach. T cells play a crucial role in the adaptive immune system, which “adapts” to new threats by eliminating previously harmless cells. The thymus may be thought of as the immune system’s “floating brain,” while the immune system as a whole is considered to be the body’s master control centre.

Personal vigilance towards what weakens the immune system, such as excessive stress, anxiety, and the variety of health-destroying addictive drugs, but also emotionally charged erroneous thinking, is necessary to keep the thymus operating efficiently. Here we will go further into this topic.

So, although the transcendental condition of Heaven can only be reached from inside, COVID-defeating access may be gained by stimulating the thymus.

The immune system protects the body-organism automatically against viral infection by releasing anti-viral proteins designed specifically for the purpose.

Everything shifts as the thymus begins to pump

“Transformation via purification” is fundamental to Divine Love’s makeup. That is to say, the Divine Standard imbues its character into every soul it touches. Hence, generating a Bliss vibration in the thymus is vital, and it is health-transformative.

The surest means of being ‘in divine vibration’, of alignment in ‘health consciousness’, is for consciousness to be established in thymus love outflow organically — established in vibrational higher heart chakra awareness.

The mental processes need to be acclimatised into withstanding vibrational bliss using the method approach at the conclusion of this article in order to permit thymus love manifestation inside the physiology.

The method, which is known to many under the name holy sound mantra, is really very old: it consists of a focused inner chant that generates a bliss vibration in the thymus and then radiates out to strengthen the whole mind and body. Its cosmic resonance will make us desire to be ‘inside’ its frequency range forever, especially during COVID.

Gathering Joy for the Harvest

Now, therefore, let us consider the ways in which we can be ‘blocking’ our own happiness and protection.

In the same way that oil is found at the bottom of the ocean, the source of our own happiness, pure unchanging quiet, waits for awareness to make touch with it. Yet as we all know, crude oil has relatively little use in the average home, but when refined properly, its potential becomes huge, and its good application alters everything in our practical life.

In the same way, the cleansing of the mental systems through which awareness passes is necessary for the maximum exudation of pure quiet from within. This honing is accomplished by vibrational Silence rather than lower-ego personality, heralding the beginning of enlightened heart states of awareness across the whole mental-physical body.

As our soul’s spiritual love-force ignites, our mind/consciousness is propelled cosmos-wide across the gravity field of death, restriction, fear, and resistance to life’s flow, including COVID drag and its related states of awareness.

To put it another way, the purity or impureness, the toxicity or nontoxicity, the health or ill-health of the mental gravitational field through which our everyday thoughts are propelled defines our mental and physical well-being, sets the development standard of immunological awareness.

When it comes to protecting against COVID and maintaining bodily and spiritual health, the ability to communicate the distinction between “levels of awareness” is of the utmost importance.

While a person is spiritually sleeping, their soul vibrates through the three lower Chakra levels (those located below the thymus and the upper heart, the fourth chakra).

The importance of reactivating the thymus gland and the fourth chakra is thus made clear. To approach the upper heart chakra via quiet meditation is akin to Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, a metaphor for a radical transformation in one’s state of mind (symbolized by the donkey).

Just what is it that gets cleaned up?

Have we ever stopped to think about the inner workings of the mind, given the immense influence they have?

As a result, the intellect is the one who makes the final decision while the conscious mind does the thinking.

The biblical term “fall of man” translates as “fall of mind/intellect” into the mire of delusion or spiritual ignorance, which is the domain of the three chakras below the higher heart (fourth) chakra. This is why the thinking mind and intellect are set at carnal mind level before the refinement of the three lower chakras mentioned earlier.

This mental decline is not due to any lapse on our side, but rather is intentional. There would be no way to ascend to higher levels of heart/thymus awareness or experience a conscious Resurrection if this were not the case.

So, the body, mind, intellect, and senses are all born into the three lowest chakra levels known as’sin,’ where’sin’ refers to falling short of the spiritual ideal. Sin, or spiritual ignorance, exists so that we might rise above it, pushed by Joy, and cleanse our minds and senses so that they no longer unconsciously cling to it.

Therefore, before purification, the mind is at a’slave standard’ to regurgitations from the lower chakras until the attracting’sin’ dynamic is neutralised, which, in practise, merely involves ‘keeping off the worn grass-lines — the mental thought tracks until healed over through vibrational silence meditation.

As such, the issue arises as to whether our thinking and judgement are occurring at the level of the three lower chakras or the higher vibrating chakras.

Thymus gland antiviral proteins are the key, especially for combating COVID and maximising the release of mature antibodies.

Lastly, it is important to stress that the vibrating AUM sound, which reaches the base [of the spine], triggers the state of blissful quiet that ‘pulses’ in the thymus chakra. The AUM vibration starts in the crown chakra and moves downward to the base chakra, where it makes contact and then moves upward to the thymus heart chakra, awakening the three lower chakras along the way. After reaching the thymus, the vibration travels to the brain, where it activates the thyroid, pineal, and pituitary glands, resulting in complete endocrine waking and optimum COVID protection.

Get in some sound vibration practise for the holy realm.

Put your hands on your knees, palms up.

Start by delicately putting your lips together and repeating the holy mantra AUM for around two minutes.

After two minutes, turn out all external sounds and instead focus on the vibration of A, U, and M in the middle of your head, just between your eyebrows.

The more nuanced one’s inner listening, the more profound one’s thymus joy resonance.

The recommended time is 15-20 minutes, twice day. Blessings.

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