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The Article That Says What You Need It To Say

We need to think with control, iron grip discipline and control without playing. I did not say you could not have a sense of humor while doing that though. In fact, although if you seriously want and need to do something, do it; you can interject little actions that keep attention on actions and keep things in line. Call the actions humor or shock value, those things have value too. The point of the beginning of this article is to awaken you and keep you awake, so, if the writing style is a little “shocking” and “chopped up”, it is because I want you to think and think and think deeply about the realities I am writing about.

When I say the word playing, I do not mean it in the humorous sense, I mean “playing” as in not taking things seriously enough.

Indeed, there has to be a balance between seriousness and humor that works in situations successfully. Indeed, to bring things to a successful conclusion, it is almost like having a flight plan with all kinds of course adjustments, in-flight calculations and the like. In fact, that is how I can say successful and genuinely effective motivation works, just like a flight plan with all of the adjustments and factors for the life-pilot.

There is not any getting around reality, we do control and pilot our lives. Some get it right, some do not. Reality is a cybernetic and navigational experience of process then goal, and in not any other order in nature like the tree starts out the seed and then becomes the tree, plant or whatever grows.

Sure, the goal is to win, yes. Also, the goal is to have successful process when winning also. Winning without a successful process is a foolishness that borders on cheating anyhow, even if you do legitimately achieve the goal you set for yourself to achieve. In short, the hand has to be played correctly as well as successfully winning (or losing) each hand fairly with good, fair sportsmanship, all actions properly taken in a genuine sense. I did not say “perfect”, I said proper or properly taken actions to ensure a successful process and outcome. Reality is what we need it to be to learn lessons, not so much bask in the glory of winning as function monitors structure in science and Source, Existence, God, Deity or whatever rules it all practices a sort of utilitarian doctrine for people to learn lessons and internalize them in spirituality. Why do you think the process sometimes takes “so long” and winning is a transitory experience? Indeed, everything works toward growth and mastery, not stagnation. Why do you think we naturally age forward in time and not backwards in time? Because what I said and meant above is the reality of the situation. The genuine fantasy is a static perfection that we never have to grow from without internal motivation like the internal combustion engine that has to be started with a firing piston. It takes consciousness to start or continue anything in existence genuinely, all else is just an inanimate “pet rock” without consciousness.——-?t=1677736307551——touring-englands-ca?t=1677735381995

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