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How To Make Financial Online Campaigns Profitable

The Essence About Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing comes with many challenges. For the inexperienced user the whole digital marketing space is hard to get into. On the other side, businesses and marketers, both small and large need profitable ways to market their business with digital media channels. There is simply no way around it in the financial & trading industry.

In this article, we aim to breakdown the elements that make the difference to get your campaign to succeed online. At the end of the day, marketing works when you can convince people to take a certain action. In the online world, this means to get site visitors to convert for a sale or another kind of offer. Conversion rate is the No. 1 reason why campaigns succeed and fail.

The Logic Behind Digital Marketing

Going back to basics again, in digital marketing all you need is visitors on your side and enough conversions of people to engage/buy/take action, etc. With the rise of online advertising like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc. the problem of traffic generation is solvable You simply pay for reaching your target audience with ads. However, the conversion part of the equation is not solved so easily ( Find out more )

Common Mistakes In Online Campaigns

What does a financial campaign need to convert? To make a campaign work, you need to send the traffic from the online ad to a page. Many people in the industry send the traffic to their website. They assume that their website contains all the information, looks visually appealing and so on. What they forget is that it is harmful to overload consumers with information. You need to make your campaigns as simple as possible. When you use websites in your ads, then people can get easily overwhelmed and their is no red thread where to go, which form to fill in or which product to buy.

How To Include Landing Pages In Your Campaign

The solution to this problem lies in custom landing pages. A landing page as a one-page website should contain only relevant information leading to a call-to-action (CTA). This could be a free download of a resource, a webinar invitation, a case study, a free demo call and more. As you can see, the pitch is not purchase-related but rather incentivising a purchase later down the line. This is necessary because humans simply don’t make decisions quickly, especially when it comes to products and service of higher prices of more than $100. Even more lower prices, purchases are often hard to make, because you still need to establish trust and connection from the brand to the prospective buyer.

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