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10 Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices 2023

In comparison to their freebase counterparts, nicotine salt e-liquids feature a greater concentration of nicotine, giving you a stronger, faster dose while requiring less juice. This makes nic salts a fantastic option for anyone utilizing vaping as a method to stop smoking. But while we’re talking about options, how are users supposed to select from the vast selection of nicotine salt e-liquids? Friends, don’t worry; that’s where we come in.

Although U Vape has a huge selection of nic salt e-liquids, we will admit that we have a preference for a small number of them. You can discover a list of the top 10 best nicotine salt e-juices we recommend below, along with their main specifications and where to purchase each one.

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List of the best Nicotine Salt E-juices. 

Nicotine Salt

Suavae Ice

Anyone looking for simple, easy refreshment will appreciate this 50/50 PG and VG nicotine salt e-sweet liquid’s minty flavour at first, followed by a chilly exhale. Note that this e-liquid is best suited for small pod systems; sub-ohm tank systems are not advise to use it.

Lemon Drop Peach

There is no denying that this isn’t your typical peach lemonade. You’ll continue to feel peachy long after you shut down your smartphone because there is a lot of strong peachy flavour up front and a sour lemonade kick as you approach the finish. For sub-ohm tank systems, not advised.

Nicotine Salt

Lemon Drop Blueberry 

This shouldn’t surprise you that there is a hint of lemonade in all Lemon Drop e-liquids. But before the familiar part occurs, you’ll have a lot of pleasure thanks to the initial notes of sour blue raspberry candy. It is not recommend to use sub-ohm tank systems with this 50% PG and 50% VG nicotine salt e-liquid, which is design for usage in smaller pod systems.

Nicotine Salt

Chill Twisted Raspberry Watermelon

Blue raspberry with watermelon? Even while you probably won’t find this combo in many other places, that is part of what makes Chill Twisted so unique. This brand is renowned for coming up with unique and surprising flavour combinations, so we’re confident you’ll find this offering to be memorable. The blue raspberries add a tart note to the watermelon’s pleasant initial flavour.

Blackwood Blue Diamond

What could possibly be superior to an e-liquid that gives the traditional flavour of creamy, mild tobacco? How about a minty twist to rehydrate your mouth before the next draw at the end? Exactly that is what Blue Diamond offers. This elegant product from Blackwood is in keeping with the company’s dedication to high quality and discerning tastes. VG:35% and PG:65%.

Nicotine Salt

Blackwood Double Barrel

The rich aged tobacco base of Double Barrel is enhance by a few extra distinct notes, another offering from the famous Blackwood. one of them is? Graham cracker crumbs, caramel drizzle, a smidgen of cinnamon spice, and mellow vanilla undertones are all present. Blackwood just sent you dessert, so be kind to them. 35% PG and 65% VG.

Lemon Drop Punch 

This tropical fruit punch blend offers a wide range of fruity flavours, including sour lemonade, so you can taste the complete rainbow. It’s Lemon Drop, after all. What did you anticipate? This product, like many others on this list, is exclusively design for use in small pod systems and is not suitable for use in sub-ohm devices. It also has a combination of 50% VG and 50% PG.

Nicotine Salt

Kapow! Rocket Ship

This e-liquid would turn your tongue completely red, white, and blue if it were a popsicle. However, as it stands, it will only bring back memories of the times you used to indulge in your favourite frozen foods on hot summer days or any other time of year. 

Lemon Drop Black Cherry

We’ll be honest with you: creating the perfect black cherry flavour in an e-liquid is difficult. Fortunately, Lemon Drop is a company that has a reputation for producing fruit-flavoured e-liquids correctly (yes, Lemon is a fruit, be quiet, it counts).

Jokes aside, Lemon Drop’s effectiveness in this instance can be attributed to the way that its distinctive citrus tang helps counterbalance the richness of the cherry flavour, producing a flavour that is neither overly sweet nor overly sour and most definitely not bland. Bravo.

This product, like the others offered here, is not intended for use with sub-ohm tank devices. However, we’re ready to wager you’ll have fun with it if you have a modest pod system.

Nicotine Salt

Suavae Watermelon

The best things in life are occasionally the most simple. Suavae is more aware of this than many other e-liquid manufacturers, who frequently try to wow with intricate flavour combinations but end up overwhelming. Fortunately, Suave’s knack for keeping things simple has given the vaping community a beautifully simple and genuinely delicious product.


Whatever your preferences, you’re likely to find fantastic choices for your next nic salt e-liquid above, whether they lean towards fruit, tobacco, menthol, or something else. But keep in mind that there is a tonne of nicotine salt e-juices available; these are just a few of our favourites.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding nic salt e-liquids or any of the other goods U Vape sells. A knowledgeable member of our staff will be please to address your inquiries about e-juice, vape products, terms, procedures, and more.

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