Prime Position SEO Health Tips Feeling the Lunar Love: Understanding the Effect of the Moon on Your Sex Life

Feeling the Lunar Love: Understanding the Effect of the Moon on Your Sex Life

Effect of Moon

The effect of the moon on your sex life is an interesting aspect and might leave you wondering what it is about. Although there is no scientific backing for these claims, these assumptions have been around for years. They tend to make a difference for the ones who realize this side of the sex life. Different phases of the moon determine your sexual health, and there is no harm in knowing more about it. You can put this knowledge to use next time and see for yourself.

Lunar cycle and its effects

The lunar cycle depicts the cycle of the moon where the moon comes out in full form and slowly fades away to be back together in a span of 30 days. This cycle continues, and as it affects the waves in the sea, it can also affect your sex life. You may even resolve your sex problems if you understand the complexities of this cycle.

Women are known to have changes in sexuality and arousal along with the lunar cycle. Understanding the variation in the sensitivity of your partner will help you explore their bodies at the right time and parts which will enhance overall pleasure.

Lunar Cycle

We start talking about the lunar cycle from no moon or new moon when there is no moon in the sky, and in the coming days, the moon starts appearing in the sky. Women tend to exhibit sensitivity in the left side of the body post-no moon. After no moon, the first night will make her scalp sensitive. You can try to give a massage or simply run your fingers through her hair which will make her feel good. The next makes her forehead sensitive, specifically the left part. The following night will showcase the effect on the eyes, and looking into her eyes or kissing the eyes will make her feel special. The next night is for lips, and kissing will get more pleasurable for the female partner.

Following this night, her cheeks will become the focus, and touching her cheeks or pulling them in love will make her feel ecstatic. The next thing that gets sensitive is the neck, and after that, it is the armpits. Knowing the erogenous zones for the night can help you be ready and keep your hygiene in check. Touching, kissing, or licking is your personal choice, but you can surely explore these parts and see how your partner responds.


The next night is for breasts which are already considered an erogenous zone. You can touch and suck your partner’s breasts while focusing more on the left side. The next night makes her chest area more sensitive, following which the focus relies on the navel. The next night makes her vagina sensitive, and exploring the inner side of the vagina is surely going to make a difference. After which, the knees get sensitive as we move downwards. The next night makes her ankles more sensitive, followed by her feet. The whole focus remains on the left side and you can try to inform your partner and enjoy exploring the specific part of the body. The big toe of the left foot is the most sensitive area in your body at night of the full moon.

The cycle will start to change on the night of the full moon, and the following nights will make the right side of the body more sensitive. The first night after the full moon, the big toe of her right foot should be your main focus. The cycle will continue in the same way making her ankle the next point of focus. We will move upwards now but focus on the right side of the knees, vagina, clitoris, and navel. The chest area will be your next erogenous zone and, during this phase give more tender love to the right breast. With every passing night, you go up to the next point which is the cheek, lips, and eyes. The night before no moon will make the right side of the scalp more sensitive which will complete the cycle.

Sex Problems

Realizing the potential of stimulating a female body will enhance your sex life. If you face any sex problems that cannot be handled by changing the way or giving more time to your partner, you might need extra help. A sex specialist doctor can cater to your needs and help you improve your sex life.

The full moon is known to showcase its effects on fertility and is known to arouse women during the period. It can even increase estrogen levels making sex more pleasurable for women. In the same way, no moon depicts new beginnings. It is the time to experiment and make changes to your routine.

Bottom Line

The lunar cycle can transform your sexual health. It might sound unbelievable, but it is worth a try. There are plenty of scholars who have emphasized the changes it makes to a female body. Getting into the cycle will help you explore new opportunities and amp up your sex life.

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