Prime Position SEO Beauty & Health 8 Best Qipao Online Stores That Are Worth Investing In 

8 Best Qipao Online Stores That Are Worth Investing In 

8 Best Qipao Online Stores That Are Worth Investing In

Are you looking for a stylish qipao dress? Do you wonder where to buy qipao online? If so, then you are at the right spot. 

Qipao is a figure-flattering Chinese dress that is suitable for showcasing a woman’s features elegantly. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially for special occasions like weddings. While there are tons of options available on the market, buying a Chinese wedding dress or qipao can be a frustrating experience. 

In this blog post, you will get to know about the best qipao online stores. Some of them have extremely beautiful qipaos, some have high-quality qipao dresses, some provide plus-size qipao dresses, and some offer free shipping. But the most important part, they all have positive customer reviews. 

There are plenty of qipao dresses, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t find the right one for yourself. Instead, you may be glad to know that they are too beautiful and make you stand out of the crowd. 

Before we start, keep in mind that the word “Cheongsam,” which you will see below a couple of times, is a different name from “Qipao.” They are pretty much the same thing and are used interchangeably. 

List of the Best Qipao Online Stores

We have shortlisted the seven best fashion labels that offer stylish qipao and modern cheongsams that make you look your best. Have a look! 

Shanghai Tang

Hong Kong’s leading fashion brand Shanghai Tang is the go-to online store for contemporary ready-to-wear collections. From lace qipao dresses to silk crepe dresses and jacquard jackets, their versatile pieces will take you from work to dinner. If you’re up for a splurge, this luxury fashion label does a commendable job of bringing beautiful Chinese traditions with chic designs. Buy metallic peony jacquard prints, rose patterns on a long qipao, and vibrant red designs to be the center of attraction of your reunion party for sure.

Beth and Brian

Beth and Brian need no introduction. Known for their beautiful designs, they deliver high-quality, elegant, and timeless qipao dresses for graceful, playful, and strong women. Their qipao dresses are classy and have some vintage vibes, which are ideal for photo shoots, cocktail parties, and formal events. The company offers tang suits, A-line qipao, sleeveless qipao, floral pattern qipao, and much more. So, if you are on the hunt for the best qipao dresses for weddings, special occasions, events, or graduations, Beth and Brian is a perfect choice. Read Beth and Brain’s Review using this link to learn more about the best qipao online store.  8 Best Qipao Online Stores That Are Worth Investing In  

Cozy Lady Wear

Are you interested in buying a mermaid qipao? Look no further! Cozy Lady Wear offers the best mermaid qipao dresses at reasonable prices. They sell qipao dresses made of various fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, lace, linen, silk, wool, velour, spandex, and more. This online store has a lot of qipao dresses with mermaid silhouettes that can make you look gorgeous and elegant. Surprisingly, their qipao wedding outfits are much more affordable (most are around $100) than other competitors. 


This fashion label offers tons of qipao at the lowest prices. That means you will probably find the one you like without spending too much. A lot of their qipao dresses are under $50, which is incredibly lower than any other online store. So, if you are looking to buy a cheongsam, this is a great place to go with. Moreover, YesStyle is an online store for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, so you can look for other stuff as well.

The Missing Piece

One of the popular cheongsam labels, “The Missing Piece,” boasts covetable styles with details such as cape-sleeved frocks, brocade minidresses, and waist cut-outs jumpsuits.

What began as a little fashion label with lovely loungewear and cute kids’ shirts has quickly emerged into one of the most coveted brands for CNY style. Thanks to their prints, colors, and eye-catching designs, this online store has gained a massive spotlight. With unexpected details such as pastel hues, sophisticated silhouettes, flutter sleeves, and gorgeous lace, their cheongsam range reflects contemporary beauty.


Qipology offers made-to-order qipao dresses just for you. This is one of the best qipao online stores that feature custom Chinese clothes, including qipao dresses, tang jackets, two-piece sets, and much more. Additionally, they sell qipao dresses and other Chinese clothes composed of tweed, denim, and knitwear. They also have sample sales, thus allowing you to get high-quality cheongsams at a much lower price. The only downside is that Qipology does not entertain returns and exchanges; however, they offer one free alteration. 

YeoMama Batik

Last on our list of the best qipao online stores is YeoMama Batik. The company boasts handmade batik designs that help empower the batik craft and community in Indonesia. Thoughtfully designed by a mother and daughter duo, the offerings include printed cheongsams, jumpsuits, dresses, and outerwear. Check out the printed maxi dresses, colorful playsuits, cheongsam shift dresses, and elegant designs blending batik and cheongsam elements. Moreover, the store also offers high-quality outfits for men and kids too!

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