Prime Position SEO General Why is YouTube Vanced closing?

Why is YouTube Vanced closing?

YouTube introduced Vanced to offer users the ability to hide ads on videos. As per reports, it was the best Android application for this purpose. It would allow the user to block videos which had been uploaded with ads that showed up on screen during the playback.

The app also allowed users to receive a notification when they are about to watch a video with an ad. Users could also set their own notifications. The application also allowed users to disable ads. In fact, it even offered ‘true dark mode’ which hid the ad banners and gave you the option to disable notifications.

You will no longer be able to access YouTube Vanced. There is still a possibility that it will be shut down. It is, however, unlikely. The reason is that it is a paid service youtube vanced and Google will not like paying for an app that does not deliver.

The fact that this has happened just after the announcement of the new YouTube Kids, the children-focused app, has increased the chances that the application will be discontinued soon. There are two possible outcomes. The first one is that the developers will shut down the app because they can’t make enough money out of it. The second one is that they will decide to continue developing the app as the ad revenue they will make will make it profitable.

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