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Top 5 Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

One of the offshoots of the tremendous digital transformation that has recently taken place is known as digital marketing. Video marketing is one facet of digital marketing that is seeing a disproportionately large increase in its level of popularity. Have you ever believed that videos may be just as helpful? Now, listen to what the trends are saying.

This pattern is illustrative of the ongoing innovation that is taking place inside the frameworks of marketing. From explainer videos to animated commercial films, from infographics to entertainment-based movies, the sector of video marketing is the most exciting part of an already action-packed world of the internet.

Is there really that much action to be had with video marketing? You got it right! Because it is a visual medium, it is subject to ever-changing innovations and fashions. It is a constantly evolving platform that continues showing up in a different form for each and every one of our interactions with it.

The following is a rundown of the most recent developments in video marketing, all of which are certainly causing a stir in the industry as a whole.

Live videography has emerged as one of the most popular and cutting-edge developments in the field of videography in recent years. Live videos are an excellent instrument for use in video marketing, as they are very helpful for live events, product debuts, and a wide variety of other outlets. The most significant benefit of using Live videos is the significant increase in user engagement that they provide. Live videos are also highly realistic since people get the impression that live telecasts cannot be edited in ways that are favorable to a brand’s self-image and that such modifications are not made. Buzzfeed is a fantastic illustration of Live video marketing in action.

Videos in 360 degrees: Videos in 360 degrees provide the most realism to the idea of video marketing and are becoming more popular. They not only provide more appealing images, but also help consumers absorb the information presented in the video better. They are often quite memorable, which contributes to the high traffic rates they get. The trip destinations may be seen in 360-degree films on the Thomson Holidays website.

In the world of video and online education, the popularity of explainer videos has reached an all-time high. E-learning systems are moving away from using PowerPoint presentations and instead relying heavily on video content. Explainer videos communicate the goal of your company in a manner that is straightforward and simple to grasp. You are able to communicate with a greater number of customers and clients as a result of this. Hubspot and Moz are two well-known brands that include video content into their online education offerings.

Co-Creation with Consumers: People in this day and age appreciate making videos and find it simpler to do so (due to cellphones), just as much as they love watching other people make movies. These days, companies are using social media to host competitions that require participants to submit videos of themselves acting in a way that is consistent with the competition’s overarching concept. Promoting your business with a tactic as interesting as this one is an excellent method to attract new customers. Kitkat is well-known for the ground-breaking challenge that they developed very lately.

Virtual reality, sometimes known as VR, is a trend that is spreading quickly. Not as popular among companies (as among gamers), VR is an unexplored technique in Video marketing that has huge potential. Virtual reality (VR) improves the whole video-viewing experience for the viewer by making the content more interactive, engaging, and successful. Both McDonald’s and Uber have begun offering free virtual reality sets to its customers.

As we observed, Video marketing is taking over Digital Marketing. It has a far-reaching effect that will result in a series of consequences that are favorable for your forward-thinking brand.

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