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Traditional Salon Vs. Luxurious Barbershop

Barbershop have changed a lot with time. People are now inclined towards luxury services mainly due to competition and increased purchasing power. Every product and service has different categories and classes. For high-income earners or the elite class, the products and services are different as they can afford them. For middle or low-income earners, things are different because their income is limited. However, in the current world, even middle-income earners have enhanced their lifestyles. They prefer high-end services and manage to afford them because they do not want to compromise on quality. People have become more aware of how high-end products and the side effects of cheap products. This has made them realize that it is better to pay more than take a risk if they can afford it. This awareness has given great opportunities to luxurious barbershops.

Traditional salons are still working. They do have customers and are generating profits. However, luxury barbershops have become more common than before. Previously, people used to focus on the service only. Now they want a soothing ambiance and well-trained staff in terms of both service and behavior. Luxury barbershops invest more than traditional salons, which makes them better. However, you can still find traditional salons offering high-quality services. A person working in a traditional salon can be an expert. So you cannot always say that luxury barbershops are better than traditional salons. There are many general differences, such as the ambiance, product quality, staff, and the shop. Here are the differences between a traditional salon and a luxury barbershop;

The Shop

Luxury barbershops are big and in posh areas. They invest a lot in the exterior and interior to make it look attractive. Luxury barbers are very specific about the location where they can find their target market, i.e., elite and high-income earners. On the other hand, traditional salons look for a location where many people can visit since they are not concerned about the elite class visiting them. Their space is small, and usually, there are no different rooms. In contrast, luxury barbershops have different rooms/divided into hair areas, massage areas, other service area, reception, etc.


Luxury barbershops invest a lot in their ambiance. They want to create a soothing and gentle atmosphere. Their target audience is normally working individuals who want to relax after a long working week. Luxury barbershops use soothing lights, scented candles, relaxing music, etc., to ensure they release clients’ stress. However, traditional salons have a normal environment, they provide basic comfort like comfortable seats, but they do not invest much in ambiance. Since the space is limited, they do not have this option. The soothing ambiance is one of the reasons why people pay more for luxury barbershops.


Product quality used by luxury barbershops is high. It defined their high prices. They ensure no cheap product with side effects is used on customers’ hair or skin. They look at the long-term impact rather than the temporary result. On the other hand, traditional salons have lower cost budgets as their prices are also low. They might not go for cheap, low-quality products, but neither do they use high-end products.


The staff in a luxury barbershop and a traditional salon is very different. In a luxury barbershop, they train their staff to deal with the client humbly. They train them regarding the services and products so they can guide the clients in the best possible way. The staff is well-groomed and normally in uniform to give a positive first impression. However, traditional salons do not focus on the staff that much. They make them good at their job but do not invest much time training them on client dealing. Moreover, luxury barbershops might also have a criterion for hirings, such as minimum education, relevant certifications or speaking skills, etc.


You can notice a considerable difference in the rate list of a traditional salon and a luxury barbershop. It is because of various factors such as expensive products, ambiance, shop, etc. The cost of a luxury barbershop is significantly higher than that of a traditional salon. It makes the rate list higher to cover the cost and make a profit. On the other hand, traditional barbers go for cost minimization, so they do not invest a lot in ambiance, do not pay high rents, etc. If a customer decides to go to a luxury barbershop, he signs up to pay high.


Equipment used in luxury barbershops is expensive and comfortable. For instance, barber chairs, machinery, and small equipment like steamers, blow dryers, hair straighteners, etc., are all high-end. However, a traditional salon comprises average-quality equipment. This is also a component that makes a difference. Clients relax better on high-quality barber chairs. High-end equipment gives better results and no damage.

Other Benefits

Luxury barbershops offer other benefits or facilities, too, such as tea or coffee and sometimes even snacks too. They keep Vogue and other magazines so a client can have a look while waiting. They give extra time for consultation. Some luxury barbershops offer accessories/products for free, like a hairband, sample products, etc. Their strategy is to provide high-quality customer service that no one can match, for which they focus equally on staff training and customer dealing. You would not see these benefits in traditional salons. They do not invest in anything extra. They might be good at their service, but additional benefits are rare. However, you can always find humble staff in traditional salons too.


People’s priorities and standards have changed over time. Barber services are not limited to getting a haircut, beard trimmed, facial, or a massage. Clients expect more than that. They want to relax while getting their services done. Luxury barbershops offer a lot, but at the same time, they invest a lot. Their prices are undoubtedly high, but the standard of service they offer justifies their pricing. Paying high rent in a posh area, soothing ambiance, offering beverages, using high-end products, etc., indicates that these shops pay a high cost.

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