Prime Position SEO General Why Should Corporate Leadership Development Programs Include Design Thinking?

Why Should Corporate Leadership Development Programs Include Design Thinking?

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An organization is only as good as its leaders and the value it gives to its customers’ needs. Cloud or virtual platforms allow companies to personalize and customize products and services to meet users’ needs. The customization process involves designing or creating a product from the point-of-view of the end-user such that it is convenient for them to use and there is value-addition. This has emerged as the disruptive new ‘approach’ used in corporate leadership development programs for decision-makers to steer their companies to gain competitive advantage.

Besides, Gartner’s industry report validates C-suite leadership using design thinking for cognitive and social applications. The report found that corporate leaders are using the new approach to create a culture that nurtures talent, is psychologically safe for working, and prioritizes an empathetic approach. The objective of the design thinking approach is to nudge corporate behavior into thinking in new ways. User-centric thinking is just one such thinking process. 

Leadership programs deconstruct social and cognitive skills in the design thinking framework such that leaders can use the tools commonly used in the design industry to handle leadership needs. These programs allow emerging leaders to become more competent and rethink organizational goals with fresh perspectives. New ideas lead to innovation and create value for the company and the end-users. Hence, design thinking is the new leadership thought in corporate management.

Conventional versus design thinking

Companies are becoming agile by leveraging big data analytics to achieve organizational goals. Big data analytics tracks customer activities – on company websites, social platforms, forums, webinars, and other online formats. Applied data science technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are combined to give companies several predictive analyses – of customers’ buying patterns, factors that influence their buying, and other granular data. These help leaders arrive at decisions and respond to the fluid changes on time. Corporate leadership development programs have helped leaders to re-envision the goals and objectives to be a user-centric business. 

What do corporate leadership development programs in design thinking offer?

Leadership programs for corporate leaders in the age of design thinking involve the following new dimensions: 

Systems Thinking: Every organization is composed of different parts or systems, and their smooth coordination leads to higher productivity and efficiency. In the design thinking approach, the leader develops the ability to understand the working of the different parts of the system at a micro level and interpret their interactions. They identify the causes of efficiencies and delays of each part and the impact on the entire system. 

Continuous improvement: One of the core principles of design thinking is to test activities and get feedback on a process. Thus feedback becomes an essential tool for continuous improvement and iterations. When the feedback is impactful, it improves the process or a part of the system. Leadership programs help train leaders to lead by example and effectively implement a culture of impactful feedback.

Develop the ‘Why’ Mindset: An inherent quality of the design thinking approach is to evaluate given situations with an open questioning mindset. Leaders with design thinking capabilities will raise questions that ask the ‘why’ of a situation and focus on inspiring a ‘what-if’ change. The advantage a leader would have with this approach is to see the purpose of the situation/problem and seek new directions to resolve them. 

While these are just a few essential aspects for leaders to change their style to become competent in a technology-driven environment, there are other advantages as well. With collaboration, an empathetic approach, employees find it easier to facilitate change with dialogue, have a more focused approach to generating ideas, and ease the decision-making process. Hence, a corporate leadership development program based on design thinking adds a new perspective for leaders to evaluate and approach decision-making in an organization. 

Wrapping Up

Organizations are in change management mode due to innovation and data management applications. These changes call for new approaches to leadership styles and qualities. Ideas need to be translated into action in the fastest time possible. Leadership programs in design thinking give leaders new tools to identify department operations and create new approaches and better productivity. 
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