Prime Position SEO General First, if someone is living at the address

First, if someone is living at the address

There are many reasons why the mailbox might not be working. First, if someone is living at the address, he/she needs to tell the post office to remove the mail. This can be done by writing to the post office. If the customer has moved, the post office may not know about the change.

In this case, you can notify the post office yourself. Once the person moves to the new address, he/she will have to register for the new Vacant notice address with the post office.

Also, make sure that the customer’s previous address is clearly marked on the mailbox itself. If the mailbox is in an unlisted area, the post office cannot provide a forwarding address. If the customer is not at home when the postal carrier delivers the mail, the letter carrier will leave a card at the door with information about how to pick up the mail.

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