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Top Mistakes In Car Maintenance That Can Cost You Big 

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Although you may be aware of how crucial it is to keep up with your car maintenance, did you realize that failing to do so really costs money? We understand that you are busy and that it is not always convenient to bring your car in for service, but if you don’t do it sometimes, your car may break down very frequently and require expensive repairs. It goes without saying that ignoring your car service and maintenance will surely cost you a fortune when it will finally stop working in the mid-way leaving you stranded on the road.  

You can easily prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your automobile by regularly checking the fluids in your car, having your tires checked, and getting periodic maintenance and greasing for engine and other mechanism. Your automobile is a significant investment that most of us wish to retain for a very long time. 

Mistakes That You Are Doing While Maintaining Your Car  

If you are like most drivers, your automobile plays a crucial role in your everyday activities. It is crucial to plan periodic automobile maintenance to guarantee that your car is kept in excellent operating condition for every mile you drive. If simple maintenance tasks are missed, these little problems might become more significant. Continue reading to learn about some minor automobile maintenance errors that can cost you a lot of money due to your ignorance.  

Going To Inexperienced Mechanic 

Everybody wants to cut costs when it comes to auto maintenance, especially when the component that needs to be replaced is already pricey. However, not all mechanics are the same and don’t have similar skills or experience, just as not all physicians and attorneys are, and it is in your best financial interest to know the difference.  

When money is an issue, my basic rule of thumb is to choose something in the center — not the cheapest or the most costly, but somewhere in the mean. Ask friends and family for recommendations, contrast pricing across different service providers, and take into account internet reviews. 

Not Changing Oil Filters on Time 

One of the most frequent blunders with maintenance is forgetting to replace the oil. If you want to keep the car’s engine cool, lubricated and clean oil is something you can’t overlook at any cost. IF you fail to do it, you are very likely to harm the car’s engine and its performance. Therefore, make a habit of changing the oil regularly. 

Working with your technician to create an oil change schedule for your vehicle is a wonderful idea because every automobile has a different suggested oil change interval. 

Your vehicle’s safety, performance, and efficiency depend on its tires’ condition because they are the only point of contact between your automobile and the road. Car tires have a natural tendency to degrade and lose air pressure over time. You risk having a flat tire if you do not check your tire pressure frequently. 

Driving the Engine Cold 

Winters are almost here and people are taking extra care of their cars for sale in Botswana, most importantly, their engines.  

We are not in the era where the engines would freeze and you would have to stop in the middle of the road and let it warm up. It had been the most famous way when cars had the old-school carburetor engines – but not anymore. Today, we have modern electric cars run by fuel-injection engines that adjust the level of cold in the car’s engine by adding extra gasoline to it until the temperature of the engine reaches up to 40 degrees. So that it remains hot and keeps working smoothly.  

After then, it is better to travel gently until your automobile reaches that temperature limit. When an engine is fully cold and driven quickly, some excess gas may leak into the cylinder walls and quickly take away vital lubrication. 

Ignoring your fluids 

Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant liquid, and power steering fluid are essential for your automobile. Fluids may become unclean and degrade with time, which makes them less effective and potentially corrosive. For all of these fluids to function properly, they must be in the proper amounts. 

Everything is kept lubricated by the engine oil, but with time, it becomes unclean. It’s crucial to routinely change the oil. Previously, we changed the oil every 3,000 miles, but we can go longer with synthetic oil. However, you need to check the timeframe for this according to the recommendations.  

If you don’t replace your oil, it could get so filthy that it stops functioning. Your engine will overheat, blow a gasket, or seize if you do that. 

Ignoring The Need For New Brake Pads 

The rotors, under pressure from the brake pads, are what finally slow down and stop your car. Your driving style, the brand, and type of your automobile, and other factors all affect how quickly they wear. When you brake, you can hear a squeaking or clicking sound because of your pads wearing out. When you brake, the brake pedal could vibrate. You might need more time to brake. Do not wait weeks or months after the initial symptoms before acting. 

If you don’t have quality brake pads, you are more likely to observe the complete braking system overheating and failing in no time. The rotors could potentially sustain damage as a result. 

Letting Your Car Overheat 

Out of everything that can go wrong with a car, a overheated car is the worst of all. The most dangerous thing about this is that your car will keep on running even if its overheating but it won’t be for very long and you will soon see steam coming out of the engine with weird noises following it. This is where a cooling system with coolant fluids come in. they make sure you cars runs smoothly and efficiently without the engine overheating.  

The engine generates a huge amount of heat when its working, but when it starts to get excessive, it is powerful enough to blow a head gasket, a cylinder, or destroy the entire engine. All these thing do not only cause damage to car but when it happens, it is deadly for the drivers and passengers too.  

However, it doesn’t have to go that far, just by simply keeping an eye on the temperature gauge and occasionally checking the coolant levels will help you avoid it. Moreover, there is no harm in a routine checkup of the vehicle by an expert mechanic to get this all and more done. You will thank the mechanic later and avoid more damage from happening.  


It’s crucial to look at and work on problems right away if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your automobile in the future. Spending a little money today and going beyond with maintenance will keep your automobile from having major issues. Whether you service your car yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, this list for some of the most common car maintenance issues to look out for will surely help you.


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