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Is It Legal To Use A City Name As A Business?


You’re thinking of starting a business, but you’ve already got an idea for a name. You like your name and want to use it, but you’re worried that someone will sue you for trademark infringement because your business shares the same name as their city or town. In short: is it legal to use a city names in business? The answer depends on whether the registered trademark examiner who reviews your application has any objections to using “your” city’s name as part of a trademark registration.


Yes, you can trademark a business name that is the same as a city or town name. You may have to convince a trademark examiner that the public will not be confused about the source of goods or services by your use of that name. For instance, you might be able to trademark a business name that was the same as a city or town name if you were selling sports apparel in that city.


It is not legal to use a city name as a business name. You cannot trademark a city, register it in the U.S., or get a trademark for it. You can only get businesses registered under your name if you own them yourself and pay taxes. On them every year so that they are legally yours under your personal name. But not if they’re simply incorporated under an LLC or corporation that does. Business in the city using their real names (the same rule applies to other businesses).

If you have plans on starting up any kind of business or organization with ‘city’ in its title. Know that this will not be possible unless you obtain their permission first by registering all assets within their domain. Before launching anything related to them through official channels like Facebook advertisements. Or email campaigns around town trying sell merchandise branded after those cities names. (Which would require additional approvals from local leaders).

It depends on the city.

If you want to use a city name as the of your business, it’s important to know that not all cities will allow it. For example, if you live in Denver and plan on starting a chain of coffee shops called “Denver’s Best Coffee,” or something similar, then you’ll need permission from the City of Denver before going ahead with this idea. You should also check with local authorities before using any state or national symbols in your branding so that no one thinks you’re representing them.

If you do have permission from the city for use of their logo (and don’t forget those copyright questions!), how can other businesses tell whether yours was legitimately approved? They’ll look at two things: firstly whether there are any conflicting trademarks; secondly what they call themselves officially. If there are no competing trademarks but another company calls itself “The City” then they too could potentially get away with using “The City.”

File a trademark as business name

You can file a trademark as business name that is the same as a city or town name. But you may have to convince a trademark examiner that the public. Will not be confused about the source of goods or services by your use of the name. If you want to file an application for federal registration of a mark consisting of or containing. The name of any city, county, state or territory in any part thereof. You should first contact the appropriate governmental entity and obtain permission from it.

In general terms, trademarks are designed to protect your good or service’s. Reputation in its marketplace and prevent customer confusion about who makes what. So if I sell shoes under the brand “Puma” and another company has been selling its own brand. Because it’s confused customers into thinking they’re buying my shoes instead (because they started out looking like mine). Then I can sue them for infringement in court because they’re using. My trademark without permission and causing confusion among consumers.


Trademarking a city name can be tricky, but if you want to do it. Our team of trademark attorneys is here to help. We specialize in helping businesses get trademarks quickly and easily so they can focus on running their business. Rather than worrying about whether or not they will be able to protect their brand.

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