10 Advantages of Using BBQ Rubs    

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Everyone likes new flavors in their meals, and BBQ rubs are a great way to create versatile flavors. Created with various dry ingredients and spices, a rub can be applied to your food liberally to enhance its taste. If you are wondering how BBQ rubs can elevate your dining experience, let’s understand their usefulness and how they help create delicious BBQ.

What are BBQ Rubs?

While BBQ rubs are specific for meat dishes, you can conveniently use them in other ways as well. They are a mixture of spices, sugar, and salt, among other ingredients and herbs that give them their unique taste.

BBQ rubs help break the meat down, making it moist and melt-in-the-mouth. However, there are other advantages to using it, which are discussed below.

When to Use Dry BBQ Rubs

There is no right or wrong time to use a BBQ rub. However, it is best to apply it to meat and leave it overnight. Most good quality rubs do the needful within an hour as well. You will enjoy the BBQ flavor it gives to food without even taking the grill out.

Advantages of Using BBQ Rubs

Following are some of the advantages of using BBQ rubs.

1. Gives your Food BBQ Flavor

A BBQ rub is meant to enhance the flavor and taste of your barbeque. However, you can apply it to other foods as well and enjoy the same taste. For instance, you can cook chicken fillets with a BBQ rub, and it will have a similar taste. You wouldn’t even have to grill it, and it tastes like you have given it BBQ smoke.

This is especially useful when you have children as they look forward to exciting food flavors. Using a BBQ rub will enhance the taste of simple food, which otherwise they may not be willing to have.

2. Saves Cooking Time

We hardly have time in our busy lives to prepare elaborate meals. But we all want flavorsome food that excites our senses. A BBQ rub helps you save time in cooking while simultaneously preparing tasty meals.

No one will know you haven’t marinated the barbeque overnight, and for guests who arrive on short notice, it is the best thing to prepare your meal. You can just rub it on the chicken or meat and finish your cooking in an hour or two.

3. Adds Texture and Flavor

Another advantage of using a BBQ rub, especially on meat dishes, is that it adds a texture and flavor that is otherwise missing. Everyone that tastes your meat dishes will enjoy the unique blend of spices and herbs.

The meat steaks you cook will be soft even after a good sear. A rub makes the meat enjoyable, and it doesn’t get hard or chewy. That’s the key to good meat, and with a BBQ rub, you can achieve the texture that makes it tempting to have.

4. Seals the Juiciness

Applying a BBQ rub to your steaks helps seal their juiciness and heat, making them more appealing. A lot of people can end up overcooking the meat, in which case it can become difficult to eat. Using a rub ensures no extra moisture is added to the meat, and it is perfect to have.

5. Easy Application

Meat preparation can be really a hassle if you have to do everything on your own. From selecting the right spices and quantities to ensuring that you get the flavor right, anything can go wrong. You can also get your hands dirty in the process.

However, if you use a BBQ rub, then you need not worry about getting your hands itchy. Most rubs come in easy-to-handle bottles from which the application is quite convenient. Once you have the right amount of product on your meat, you can just rub it in using a spatula. You need not worry about the ratio of spices either.

6. Easy Storage

Besides the advantage that BBQ rubs are easy to apply, they are also easy to store. If you don’t have a lot of shelving space in your kitchen, you need not worry about getting various spices and then storing them in jars.

A single bottle of BBQ rub can easily fit in any space, whether on your kitchen slab or in the cabinet. It is easy to pull out as opposed to pulling out various bottles of spices.

7. Versatile Uses

A BBQ rub is a versatile food product that can be used for various purposes. Apart from using it to marinate meat, you can also use it as a seasoning in salads. It will enhance the flavor of the various foods and give them a rich texture. A BBQ rub can also be used to marinate fish or chicken, which you enjoy having with a different taste.

8. Variety of Flavors

BBQ rubs are available in a variety of flavors that you can use as a marinade or seasoning. The different flavors are appealing to different kinds of people. The variety in flavors allows you to enhance the taste each time and add variety to the food choices with minimal effort.

9. Online Availability

Another advantage of using BBQ rubs is that you can order them online. Many people don’t get the time in their busy schedules to go to the market. You can find many vendors online and order the rubs directly from their websites. Most websites also have a recipe section that allows you to try different variations of the rubs.

10. Multi-Purpose

BBQ rubs are multi-purpose and can be used in different ways to enhance the flavor. While it is created specifically to enhance the flavor and texture of meat dishes, you can use it for other foods as well.

The unique BBQ blend is so flavorsome that your daily routine dishes will be extremely tasteful. You can buy BBQ rubs to create versatile dishes that appeal to different taste palettes.

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