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Japanese Damascus Chef Knifes Set and Prices in Australia.

Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set

Japanese Damascus Chef Knives and Damascus Knife Sets, What’s the Difference?

If you are looking for a particular type of knife set, then choosing a single term can be difficult. The term Japanese Damascus Chef Knifes Set is often used to describe one of two different types of knives:

The traditional Japanese-style forged knives or the more modern flat-ground blades. There are many different descriptions for the second type of knife set. The set that is described as “Faux Damascus” is an inferior quality knife since it is made with a stamping process. While it does have a Damascus look. It does not have the same properties or performance level as a forged Japanese Damascus Chef Knives.

In general, the best place to start when choosing a Japanese Damascus Chef Knifes Set is with “forged Damascus”. Choosing a new Knife Block Set from a well-known manufacturer that advertises that knives are “Damascus” is the best choice. The quality of these types of knives will be high and there will be an array of sizes, shapes, handle materials, and colors to choose from. After making sure that you have selected a high-quality set, there are many other terms to consider when purchasing your next Chef Knife set.

1. Blade Shape

Chef Knives can be broken down into 4 different categories: 

French, Chinese, German, and Japanese. The type of blade style you choose will be dependent on your personal preference. In general, the French Chef Knife is the most common and versatile. It is a long, thin blade that is often used for slicing, dicing, and chopping Vegetables. The blade shape of the Chinese Chef Knife does not taper as much as the French knife does.

Chinese Chef Knives are often made with a softer metal, making them less durable than French Chef Knives. The German Chef Knife is similar to the French and Chinese types of knives, but it is shorter. This type of chef knife can also be considered a slicer. Although this type of long-bladed knife can also be used to chop as well as cut. The Japanese Chef Knife has a similar blade style to the French and German Chef Knives. But it also has a ridge on the back of the blade.

2. Blade Length

There is a wide variety of chef knife lengths in the marketplace. The shorter chef knives are great for slicing and dicing vegetables. However, when it comes to chopping, the longer blade length makes the knife more versatile and less likely to slip off of a cutting board or countertop surface since. It will have more mass behind it. As a general rule, chef knives with shorter blades will tend to be more cost-effective. But the longer chef knives are usually more durable because they are meant to be used with heavy chopping.

3. Blade Thickness

Most Chef Knives have a blade thickness between 1.1 – 2.3 mm thick. Which is the standard thickness for most forged Japanese chef knives, and slightly thinner than the blades found on all other types of cutlery (1.5 – 3 mm).

Prices in Australia:

The Japanese Damascus Chef Knives Set Prices in Australia have been on the rise since 2005. That is when the prices of Damascus Steel started to increase.

Japanese Damask steel has a unique blade because it has a small amount of carbon. Which means that it is stronger and doesn’t rust easily. The strength of this particular type of steel also means that. These knives can be sharpened to an extremely fine edge.

The Japanese Sword has a long and rich tradition. The Japanese Damascus chef’s knives are usually made by the Takamura Company. Which is one of the most popular sword makers in Japan.

If you want to purchase a high-quality Japanese chef’s knife set you can check out the prices at (Australia).

The following are some of the best Japanese knife sets that you can purchase in 2023:

  • Misono Swedish Damascus Series 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, 240mm (9-Inch)
  • Misono Roasted Walnut Handle Bread Knife with Sheath, 240mm (9-Inch)
  • Misono Swedish Damascus Series 12-Inch Chef’s Knife, 300mm (11-Inch)
  • Misono Swedish Damascus Series 15.5-Inch Bread Knife
  • Misono Swedish Damascus Series 16.5-Inch Chef’s Knife, 320mm (13-Inch)
  • Misono Japanese Damascus Knife Set for Home Use (100% Carbon Steel) “Aiko KGP-2221”
  • Misono Japanese Damascus Knife Set for Home Use (100% Carbon Steel) “Kunimi KGP-2228”
  • Misono Japanese Damascus Knife Set for Home Use (100% Carbon Steel), Black Handle
  • Miyabi Japanese Damascus Chef 6-Piece Knife Set, with Free Carrying Sheath, 3.

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