4 Types of Security Doors You Can Get For Your Office

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Security is one of the biggest concerns in any professional space. Every employee wants to feel safe and secure in their workspace. That’s why security should be given utmost importance in any office setting. 

With the advent of technology, security systems have also been greatly improved. This is why you should get a modern security system for your office. We have compiled a list of a few security doors that will help you keep a guard on who enters and leaves your office building. 

Without further ado, let’s div into that list: 

Biometric Scanning Doors

There are many commercial overhead door installation companies that provide biometric scanning machines along with their big sturdy doors. The biometric doors are opened only after the employee provides his identification in the form of a card or in the form of fingerprints. 

This type of security system puts a strict check on the entry and exit of foreign people into a building. The biometric details of the employees of the company are already installed in the system, and when the entry matches the record, the door opens. Otherwise, it stays shut. 

The biometric system can either operate on fingerprints, an eye lens or face recognition. You will need to connect it with the biometric information of your employees. 

Metal Detector Doors

Metal detector doors are also commonly in use in many big buildings like shopping malls and other factories. They are used by businesses that deal with a huge number of employees on a daily basis to ensure that there is no theft taking place in the office. 

For the same purpose, many businesses use this security system for their customers as well. That’s why you will often see these security doors in many shops of the brands. 

Temperature Sensing Doors

Temperature-sensing doors are also getting popular inside many businesses. They are not usually used at the entrance but are rather used in the interior of the offices. You will also want to see what is working best for your particular office environment, depending on the size of your employees. 

Temperature sensing doors open automatically by sensing human temperature, and similarly, they also close automatically. These doors are very nice for the office when you don’t have a security guard to open the door for your employees. 

Doors with CCTV System Installed 

There are many security doors with CCTV systems installed above them. You will want to have the CCTV system of the door properly functioning and attached to a monitor if you want to improve the efficiency of your security system

The security system can have the CCTV connected to a monitor that you can easily manage and oversee from a distance. There are many CCTV systems functioning separately that are not connected to the doors, but you can hire IT professionals to attach your CCTV system to the doors. This will give you a clear picture of the security system of your building.

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