Trails made of geotextile material. Benefits and applications.

geotextile in horse riding
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You take excellent care of the health of your horses as a competent horse owner. For this reason, geotextile materials can aid in the reduction of equestrian injuries. The conditions of horseback riding paths can either benefit or hinder the growth and health of your horse. Because of this, planning and constructing a horseback riding trail may be difficult and requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including stability, durability, and injury prevention. Your horse may suffer from a trail that is too soft or too stiff.

Because of this, our horse path geotextiles have several useful qualities that make them ideal for equestrian projects. Most importantly, it gives your trail the stability needed to guarantee the safety of both horses and their riders.

Its primary characteristics include:

  1. enhances the soil properties of horse riding facilities used for dressage, racing, and jumping.
  2. absorbs the force of a horse’s hoof.
  3. lessens sand moving.
  4. keeps the sand as optimally moist as possible to prevent large dust clouds.
  5. Effective drainage can hold enough water to absorb the rest, which flows to the sides with the smallest slopes.

To fully benefit from all of the geotextile’s advantages when used in horse riding paths, the sand is readily combined with the fibers and distributed uniformly across the surface. They produce the same results whether they are used for trails inside or outside. They can also be used on fast and slow-speed trails, indoor riding arenas, etc.

The ground quality and conditions, both for indoor and outdoor trails, are one of the most challenging components of developing or repairing any equestrian facilities. The use of geotextile textiles has resulted in a noticeable increase in the trail’s surface, offering a number of advantages and benefits for the horses’ limbs while they enjoy a path in ideal conditions and deliver a great performance with the longest possible durability.

The following are some benefits of using geotextile materials and goods, such as Equidren:

  1. There are no environmental dangers associated with these products for the soils where they are installed.
  2. suitable for all sand types
  3. an affordable and simple-to-implement solution
  4. doesn’t need any special maintenance of any type
  5. All of the materials used to make DLT- Equidren have a usable life of more than 10 years and exhibit strong resilience to wear and tear and degradation.
  6. Due to its UV resistance, DLT- Equidren is perfect for usage on outdoor trails.
  7. It improves irrigation, reduces the formation of dust clouds, and enables improved humidity absorption.
  8. Due to the geotextile fabric’s potential for absorption, it offers efficient draining while avoiding sand movement.

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The globe over, especially in Europe and the US, geotextile materials are becoming more and more popular for use in equestrian paths. The best possible way to build a stable, long-lasting route that is good for both horses’ and riders’ health, making it the ideal track for horseback riding. Not to mention that they can be used for trails other than equestrian or horseback riding. When employed in locations with heavy animal transit, they can also offer a significant improvement.

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