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5 Best Wine Clubs Across The World In 2023

Wine Club

If you are a newbie and looking for a winery for tasting wines from different parts of the world or preparing for a sommelier exam. The wine club is definitely for you.

Wine Clubs are an excellent option for tasting premium quality wines from around the world. 

These clubs save you time and money spent on expensive bars, clubs, and restaurants. These clubs offer you an exquisite selection of wines from some of the most remote and authentic winemakers. You can get access to all kinds of wines like Malbec, Gamay, or Chianti. Some of the clubs give you a tour of wineries to understand the process of winemaking as well as to get a taste of wines at different stages.

Some of the wine clubs host quizzes to understand their members’ taste preferences. At the same time, other clubs give their members a scorecard to rate and review the wine. These clubs offer monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, six-monthly, or annual subscriptions to wine. You can get the best quality wines from the prestigious wine club named Wired For Wine. The club offers online wines from famous brands and from lesser-known brands in order to have a variety of flavors. You can crack the best deals on the wine by claiming the Wired For Wine Coupon Code.

Selecting the right kind of wine club according to your taste preferences includes various parameters. Some of them are budget, flavor profile, the requirement of wine bottles, and type of subscription.

Let us look at some of the famous wine clubs providing the finest quality wines for all wine lovers:

1. Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Martha Stewart is a household name, especially for her culinary skills. The namesake wine club of Martha Stewart has an exquisite collection of handpicked wines for all wine lovers. The club offers serving, pairing, giving directions, and suggestions for trying and experimenting with all kinds of wines available in their club.

For all the new members joining the club, they offer the same set of wine bottles to give an introduction to her wine cellar. Most of the wines present in Martha’s cellar are from France and Italy wines in addition to other varieties from all over the globe.

Sometimes the wine served in clubs combines with bubbles or delicious desserts. If you don’t like the wine’s taste, then there is an option for replacement.

You can get a half wine case after every six weeks, with each bottle costing $8.33. On the other hand, a full case of wine contains 12 bottles, with each bottle costing $7.49. You can easily cancel the subscription to the wine club.

2. Vinebox

Vinebox is the best wine club that offers an extensive selection of wine. The large collection of wines doesn’t let members get bored by the same collection of wines. This wine club provides a case with plenty of storage with nine test tubes for testing European wines.

The test tube approach is best for tasting wines, especially for solo wine lovers. These wine cases are also the best option for slow drinkers who find it hard to finish an entire bottle.

The wine club releases its case after every three months. On the other hand, an annual subscription to a wine club saves you $28 and allows you to taste different varieties of wine at a price of $ 288. You can purchase these bottles individually as well, one bottle for $79 and two bottles for $158.

The wine club’s annual members receive $30 in full-size bottle credits, while quarterly members get a credit of $ 15.

3. Bright Cellars

Bright cellar wine club experience is all about the best quality delicious food and an excellent selection of wine. The journey in the Bright cellar starts with a quiz about members’ food preferences. The questions of quizzes are like How do you like to have your tea? What is your favorite chocolate flavor? And many more.

After knowing all the answers about your taste preferences, they present you with a selection of wines suiting your taste profile.

All their drinks are served with a scorecard for analyzing and assessing your taste choices for wine. By studying your scorecard and reviews, they will offer wines that are compatible with your taste. 

Bright Cellar members get a wine case of four or six units, in which each bottle costs $ 20. If you want to cancel your shipment, then inform the club through message, call, or email.

4. Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club includes premium quality wine from remote winemaking regions that are untapped by authentic, biodynamic, and unique winemakers. The club owners hold certification from both Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the American Sommelier Association.

The club uses wines that are made in small batches, uses wild/native yeast fermentation, and wide indigenous varieties of fruits. Furthermore, they also look for the best quality vineyard cultivation techniques, unfiltered vintages, and unknown wine countries. 

The wine club members can cancel or skip their shipments at any time or order extra bottles as per their needs. The wine cases are available with four bottles at $110, six bottles for $160, or 12 bottles for $285. You can take their monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

There are a lot of options available while selecting your wine bottles. You can customize the wine case by deciding that your case must contain what kind of wine bottles. The bottles can be of all red, all white, or a mix of red, rosé, sparkling, and white.

5. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is the best wine club for all the food lovers who crave delicious food and good quality wine. The Blue apron not only offers meal kits but also holds the license of a full-fledged winery.

The wine club offers premium quality wines perfect for your dinner parties. Each small bottle of wine is perfect for two to enjoy a late-night dinner. There are twelve flavor profiles of wines to select from with easy pairing options.

The wine clubs provide six mini bottles at a reasonable price of $ 65.99. you can also order through their ala carte menu comprising three to twelve bottles. The price of the wine case depends upon the selection of wines included. These shipments can be canceled at any point in time at your convenience.

Winding Up With 5 Best Wine Clubs Across The World

 Wine Club is the best place to have different varieties of wines for all wine connoisseurs. There are a number of benefits of joining wine clubs, as it not only saves your time and money but also delivers wine to your doorstep. In this article, we have described the services of the five most famous wine clubs across the world. The wine clubs offer a number of advantages, like getting discounts at wine shops, getting invitations to wine-tasting sessions, or taking a tour of wineries. So if you are not a member, hurry up, join the club, and relish the flavors of most premium wines.

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