How To choose a bicycle cStrokes of Bicycle

cStrokes of Bicycle
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Today I will teach you how to draw a bicycle.


  • gel pen
  • construction paper


  1. First draw the “M” shape of the bicycle bracket, and then draw the bicycle wheels, as shown in the picture.
  2. Draw the chain of the bicycle as shown in the picture.
  3. Draw the bike’s pedals and fender as shown.
  4. Draw the faucet and seat cushion of the bicycle, as shown in the figure.
  5. Draw the carrier and stand of the bicycle as shown in the picture.
  6. Draw the storage basket of the bicycle, as shown in the picture
  7. Draw the bell of the bicycle as shown in the picture.

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How to choose a bike

What should we pay attention to when buying a bicycle? How to buy a bicycle that suits you? Let’s take a look at it below.  Dont miss AW Cycles Discount Code


  • When buying a bicycle, it is best to consider the brand first
  • Different brands of bicycles mean that some features are also different.
  • Some good brands of bicycles are particularly easy to use.
  • The style of the bike also needs to be considered.
  • Choose a bicycle that suits you according to your preferences
  • And choose which bike you need according to your height.

How to choose a bicycle

We buy bicycles based on our own needs. Let’s introduce how to choose and buy.

  1. First of all, if we want to buy a bicycle, generally we’d better consider the brand first, because different brands of bicycles mean that some characteristics are also different, and some good brands of bicycles will appear particularly relaxed when riding, so , the brand is the latest consideration.
  2. Secondly, if we want to buy a bicycle, we also need to consider the style of the bicycle. This is also very important. There are so many styles of bicycles now. We choose a bicycle that suits us according to our preferences.
  3. After that, if we want to buy a bicycle, we need to consider which bicycle to choose according to our height. This is also very important, because some bicycles are designed for men, and the seat cushion will be relatively high. It would be much better to choose by height.
  4. Then, if we want to buy a bicycle, what we need to know is that some bicycles are suitable for riding on cement soil, and some are suitable for riding on mountainous terrain. This is determined according to the tires of the bicycle. This is what we Note.

Getting to Know Bicycles – Types of Bicycles

Know the types of bicycles. Give you a reference when choosing a bicycle and buying it. Ebay Discount Code NHS

Mountain Bike

  • Rugged shape, thick width 2 and larger grain tires, the conqueror of nature.
  • Environment: mountain road/forest road
  • Purpose: competition/challenge yourself

Road Vehicles

  • Fine shape, light weight, the pursuit of speed, the first choice for competitive sports enthusiasts.
  • Environment: highway
  • Purpose: Competition/Racing

city commuter car

  • An ideal choice for commuting, going to school, shopping, and short-distance commuting, it is environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • Environment: city
  • Usage: commuting use

City Recreational Vehicle

  • The shape is light, the riding is comfortable, and it conforms to ergonomics. It is the first choice for leisure and fitness.
  • Setting: Riverside/Park/Suburb
  • Uses: Leisure/Fitness


  • Rugged shape, comfortable riding, adventurous, the love horse of those who pursue their dreams.
  • Environment: Generic
  • Uses: long-distance cyclists

Folding Bike

The volume is halved, the fun is doubled, the best partner for urban leisurely travel.

Environment: city

Uses: transportation, leisure, transfer


  • Buy according to your own preferences
  • Exercise and be safe.

How to choose a bicycle what brand of Bicycle is Good

Buying a bicycle is like buying clothes. It must meet the needs of the occasion, figure and function. To engage in cycling, you first need to buy a bicycle that is enough for you to “sport”. The so-called “sport” here refers to the conditions of exercise formed by cycling speed and distance. Therefore, a sports bicycle A bicycle should be a fast-riding bicycle. It should not be too heavy if it can be ridden fast.

With a bicycle that saves effort and runs fast, of course, the relative riding distance must be longer. Judging from the above requirements for sports bikes, it is no wonder that an excellent sports or competition bike will cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Frame Size

When purchasing a bicycle for sports, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the size of the frame is suitable for the rider’s body. The measurement of the size of the frame is generally based on the length of the standpipe of the frame. The longer the standpipe, the longer the body length. You can also sit on the seat cushion and place your feet on the pedals one by one.

The lower legs can hang down naturally, and such a height allows the feet to have room to stretch when stepping on From the central axis (big sprocket) to the center of the riser joint of the upper tube, it can be gradually enlarged from a minimum of 47 cm to 62 cm, with a total of 8 or 16 sizes. We can use: the length of the lower span × 0.65 = the length of the frame riser

Use the above formula to choose the road frame size that suits your height

As far as mountaineering off-road vehicles are concerned, from the central axis of the (big chainring) to the center of the top pipe riser joint, one size is every two inches, as the size interval of the frame size, which can be gradually enlarged from 14 inches to 22 inches, a total of 5 pieces size. Due to the large size intervals of mountain-climbing off-road vehicles, it is impossible to measure the frame size suitable for the rider with accurate formula calculations. We can only choose a roughly suitable frame for riding based on height. In Taiwan, 14, 16, and 18 inches are usually used. Suitable riders are based on their height. About 14 inches are below 155 cm, 16 inches are 155-170 cm, 18 inches are above 170, and those above 180 cm. My friend will try to find a bicycle with a size of 20 inches or more. ebay Discount Code NHS

Faucet Handle Size

In addition to choosing a bicycle, you should pay attention to whether the size of the frame is suitable for your body. The other two things you must pay attention to are the size of the faucet and the handle. The length of the faucet is generally measured with the upper arm and the lower arm at 90 degrees, and the elbow is against the front edge of the cushion (the cushion rod should be adjusted to the center of the cushion). At this time, the middle fingertip should be three to three fingers away from the rear edge of the handle. If the size of the frame is suitable for the body, the length of the faucet used by the general length is mostly S-8 cm, M-10 cm, and L12 cm.

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