10 Pakistani Designer Dresses Ideas In 2021

10 Pakistani Designer Dresses Ideas In 2021
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The fashion industry of Pakistani designer has blossomed in recent years. Other fields of design are also adapting to innovation. Well-established brands and new talent tend to combine traditional and contemporary looks. Pakistani designer most influential designers offer innovative approaches to clothing, jewellery, furniture or home products. So keep reading this article by Filhaal UK for more detail.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is a fashion pakistani designer from Karachi born into an industrious carpet-weaving family. Icons, colour balance, and print design were mastered through this background. The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design trained Ansari in couture skills before opening his Karachi studio in 2001. A renowned colourist, he encourages women to mix contrasting separates. Providing clothing to boutiques around the world, he runs four major lines. Ansari is known for his attention to silhouettes and details such as zardozi and crystal edging.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani has changed menswear in Pakistan with a new confident style. In addition to fashion, Perwani is an actor and Malaysia’s cultural ambassador. In addition to women’s clothing, the brand specializes in wedding, formal and evening wear. The largest kurta he ever designed was included in the Guinness World Records. One of the kurtas used cotton blend fabric and weighed 800 kilos. The Edhi Foundation will receive donations from smaller kurtas made from the originals.


He is a member of La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne, known as H.S.Y., a well-known couture graduate. He is a designer and choreographer. HSY, his own label, first specialized in formal wear and bridal gowns. Since then, it has developed a jewellery line and lifestyle range, including soft furnishings, home accessories, and furniture. The ethos of HSY is to preserve the country’s rich traditions in designs that will translate internationally.

Mian Ahad

Mian Ahad’s furniture design is beautiful, exotic, and luxurious. The intricate designs reflect Ahad’s early days as a National College of Arts student. Also influential on his choices of materials, style, and color are his travels, especially those in Paris. In a sense, his work is broader than furniture design. AHAD Home Signature was established in 1983 and has served clients such as Pakistani royalty and high society.

Maria B.

In Lahore, the Maria.B. began as a small stitching unit. It has become one of Pakistani designer major brands.

By making designer clothes more affordable, Maria Butt aims to transform the country’s retail industry. At least six countries are served by Maria.B. outlets in Pakistan. Totes, clutches, and jewellery have also been added to the brand. Among her variety of collections, cotton and lawn have been popular lines in recent times.


Karma was launched by Kamiar Rokni and Maheen Kardar Ali in 2001. A few South Asian brands have included Western-inspired clothing, such as evening dresses and cocktail dresses. Originally known for its wedding and couture collections, Karma has recently expanded into lifestyle and accessories collections. Then, he launched his own luxury brand Kamiar Rokni in 2006. A collection of 30 carefully picked Bollywood stars featured in a kurta by Maheen Kardar Ali in 2013 showed off her creative style.

Salman Jawed

Salman Jawed co-founded Coalesce Design Studio in 2008 after graduating from architecture school. In the studio, young professionals combined their vision and talents to push design boundaries. Unique furniture, lighting installations, and bespoke products have been created using indigenous materials and contemporary design. He designed his first piece, a coffee table with a chessboard-like inlay of handcrafted Hala tiles. Jawed has also used patterns and colours inspired by Hala in other designs, such as colonial-style room screens.

Shehla Chatoor

Since 1995, the Shehla label features Shehla Chatoor’s flawless designs, from haute couture to casual wear. Chatoor participates in many fashion shows, including Karachi’s Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Pakistan Week, where her Misaki designs were inspired by Japanese hand-painted screens and Samurai armour. Unlike her 2013 Samsara collection, her 2014 Samsara collection features bright colours in vibrant, yet lightweight fabrics. Chatoor’s costume jewellery line is an affordable alternative to fine jewellery. The eye-catching pieces are designed to complement both Eastern and Western outfits.

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali graduated from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design with a bronze medal. Dashing outfits that mix traditional materials and new fabrics have impressed the fashion world. The hand embroideries and indigenous patterns combine with contrasts to create a striking urban look. In addition to his designs for international brands, Ali has created collections for Pakistan’s Sunsilk Fashion Week. He combined sporty styles with sheer fabrics in a collection for designer label Libas in 2014

Naushaba Brohi

Liminal, Naushaba Brohi’s debut collection at Fashion Pakistan Week in 2014, attracted much attention. Her outfits were a fusion of contemporary styles and traditional handiwork, cleverly contrasted dark and light colours. Inaaya is Brohi’s fashion label featuring products handmade in rural Sindh by local craftspeople. Amal Alamuddin, an international human rights lawyer, and wife of George Clooney wore one of Brohi’s necklaces. Young Creative Entrepreneurs Fashion/Design Award from the British Council in 2014 for her brand Inaaya.

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