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A Guide To Buy Best Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are initially designed for racing games to act as car simulator seats. Their designs were dummies of sports car seats with high straight backs and thick upholstery. With time these gaming chairs have seen major evolution. These days markets are packed with different types of gaming chairs catering to the needs of every gamer.

Gaming chairs are quite versatile and can be used in a number of different ways for people dealing with the following issues:

  • Suffering from any kind of mobility issues and need extra support when seated
  • Spend a lot of time playing games (obviously)
  •  The need to be more comfortable when sitting down
  • Working from home or having a sedentary style of living.
  • Suffering from acute back pain or strain in the neck.
  • For boosting your productivity at your workplace.

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Some of the major considerations while buying these gaming chairs are :

1. Ergonomics

An ergonomic chair is created around gamers to improve their efficiency and productivity in gaming. These chairs are effective in reducing back pain, maintaining a proper posture, supporting the movement, and improving reaction times. Some of the most important traits of ergonomic chairs are as follows:

  • Lumbar support
  • A high level of adjustability
  • A highly curved back with neck and upper back support
  • Tension relieving mechanism and tilt lock to support a number of different body postures

2. Height And Weight Bearing Capacity

The weight-bearing capacity and the adjustable height option is the most crucial design attribute of these chairs. It is advisable to look for these dominant attributes before purchasing a chair. The largest capacity chairs can support up to 500 lbs and can be big and tall. So choose as per your weight and height requirements.

3. Build Quality

Build quality is the most important attribute to look for before buying a gaming chair. The higher the build quality, the longer time the chair will last. One of the key indicators of the best build quality is the type of frame of the chair. The best quality frames are generally made from durable steel or any other kind of metal. The robustness of the chair is due to the use of aluminum bases of 3-inch width. Generally, nylon bases offer optimal durability with comfortable cold foam or mold-shaping cushion filling in the chair. 

4. Dimensions

Before buying a gaming chair, always look for the correct dimensional size so that the chair gives you ultimate comfort. Avoid buying chairs with narrow seats for uncomfortable experiences. Make sure to buy these chairs with optimal comfort levels.

We can categorize the different types of gaming chairs into four major categories. Let us explore different types of gaming chairs available in the market for all game lovers:

1. PC Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chairs are the prototype model of the gaming chair. People visualize PC gaming chairs when they hear the word gaming chair. The chairs are designed for sitting behind desks, making them a perfect choice for playing games on your PC. 

PC gaming chairs are quite versatile as they can be used as office chairs for the workstation and as gaming chairs. They come up with a mobile 5-star wheeled base along with a pedestal seat mounted on the top. These chairs generally have swivel capabilities allowing you to move around freely at your desk. Additionally, the chair also has high armrests for supporting the wrist as you are using a mouse and keyboard. To provide support for the neck and prevent them from any kind of strain, chairs have high back support.

Almost all PC gaming chairs come in a default upright support mode, but many of them can be tilted backward and in various reclining positions. 

A Guide To Buy Best Gaming Chairs

2. Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs, as evident from their name, are designed for all console gamers. They are a lot more versatile and comfortable than PC gaming chairs. These chairs are available in the market in various shapes and sizes.

These console gaming chairs have L-shaped seats that sit directly on the floor instead of pedestal seats or wheels. The most popular console chairs available in the market are Rocking chairs.

Console chairs are not meant for the desk job and are less ergonomic in contrast to the PC gaming chair. Most people find them far more comfortable as they support the laid-back postures as many gamers like to sit with their controllers. They also integrate technology for providing comfort to fellow gamers, like USB ports for charging and sound speakers.

3. Racer Simulator Seats

Racing simulator seats are created for advanced gamers, particularly for racing games. They come up with a frame or cockpit for placing the racing game accessories, namely gear sticks, pedals, wheels, and much more.

The racer simulator seats are apt for all casual gamers. Some of the advanced models are useful in the training of a professional racing driver. These technologically advanced chairs are a little bit on the expensive side.

4. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are found in most households. These chairs are large sacks usually filled with foam or beds along with a soft padding of either suede or microfiber. They are not specifically designed for all game lovers, but they are the most comfortable options for them. 

The USP of these chairs is that they can conform according to the shape of the body. Furthermore, they can support a wide range of postures and positions. The most important reason for gamers to choose bean bags is that they come under a budget.

Now let us view some of the top gaming chair brands that offer the best quality and the most comfortable options. 

1. DXRacer

DXRacer is one of the most popular and leading brands of gaming chairs. Their chairs are immensely popular among the gaming community. The DXRacer chairs can be used by many famous YouTubers, eSports champions, and Streamers. These chairs are designed keeping in view the comfort levels of gamers.

The chairs are averagely priced and offer the highest quality attribute perfect for the gaming environment. DXRacer chairs are available with many different design features like 

  •  Higher backs for taller players.
  • Wider seats and strong bases for heavier players.

2. Secretlab

Secretlab is a prominent name in the gaming chair industry. They are known for their selection of exceptional quality chairs. The Titan chair of the Secretlab is by far the best chair as per the customers’ reviews. These chairs are known for their superior built quality and highest-quality fabrics. You can customize the chair as per your needs, like you can choose the upholstery material. For example, you can have the choice between PU Leather or Napa leather.

Some of the other major highlights of these chairs are their optimal comfort levels and durability. They are also known for their ergonomic support and reasonable price options.

Final Thoughts On Gaming Chairs

With the increasing population of gaming enthusiasts, the demand for gaming chairs has become tenfold. In this article, we have described in detail the various types of gaming chairs, along with the two most popular brands. The article also comprises four major considerations to look for before buying a gaming chair. So go through the article in detail and order your favorite gaming chair right now.

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