Is it possible to visit the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office?

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Metro City Gujran Khan is a leading real estate company in the city. Offering a range of products and services, they are one of the most popular companies in the area. Metro City Gujran Khan has an office located in NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN which is currently under construction.

If you’re interested in visiting the branch, we have created a PDF guide that will help you get there. This guide covers everything from how to get there to what to expect when you arrive. So if you’re looking to visit Metro City Gujran Khan’s METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office, this guide is for you!

What is Metro City Gandar Khan?

The Business District will include office buildings, residential areas, shopping malls, and schools. The Residential District will include apartments, villas, and hotels. The Entertainment District will include movie theaters, nightclubs, and restaurants.

How to visit the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office?

If visiting the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office is something on your bucket list, now may be the perfect time! The entire city has been completely renovated and is now one giant open-air shopping mall. The new office is in a different area of the city, but it’s still easy to find. To get there, take Exit #8 from the ring road and head towards the old city. The GUJAR KHAN office will be on your right as you approach a large building with a green roof.

Is it possible to visit the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office?

Looking to visit the new Metro City Gujjar Khan office? Don’t worry, you can! The office is located at Plot No. 2, Sector 16-B, Opposite Rang Mahal Cinema and just a few minutes’ walk from the Metro Station.

The entrance to the office is on the first floor of the building and there are signs directing visitors to the reception area on the second floor. You will need your passport to enter and there is a separate queue for foreigners.

They will then direct you to an administrative counter where you can start your visit.

The first room that you will come to is the visitor’s gallery which has photographs of some of Metro City’s famous buildings, including its Skyline Tower. There is also a display about Metro City’s history and development.

Next stop: The press room! Here you can find out more about how Metro City operates and what life is like for its employees. There are also computers with internet access for visitors if they want to research further information about or take some quick notes.

The next room that you will come to is the administration area which includes offices for various departments within Metro City such as marketing, finance, human resources and IT management among others. It also has a small café serving drinks and snacks during working hours.

If you’re interested in learning more

How to reach the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office?

If you are looking to visit the GUJAR KHAN office, then it is possible to do so. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or car to take you there.

The costs associated with visiting the NEW METRO CITY GUJAR KHAN office

Dubai Metro City is a new and upcoming in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located on the eastern coast of Dubai adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road.

The city will have a population of 1 million people and will include a mix of residential, commercial and recreational areas. The will have its own airport, which will serve as a hub for the Dubai Metro network.

The GUJAR KHAN office is located in the . Visitors can access the office via Sheikh Zayed Road or via Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard. The office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.


At present, it is not possible to visit the GUJAR KHAN office. Our team is currently working hard on completing all the necessary documentation and paperwork required for us to open our doors. Stay tuned for updates as we move closer to opening!

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