Top 8 Self Defense Tools For The Safety Of Women In 2022

Self defense tool
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In this intimidating world, women’s safety and security are paramount concerns. All the women working late nights or traveling alone need to carry some tools for their protection. Self defense tools are a powerful range of weapons for helping women protect themselves in any emergency situation. These tools are light in weight and portable to carry. Self defense tools are designed to easily fit your hand purse or luggage bag.

These tools come in plenty of variety, from stun guns to keyrings to pepper spray; the list is endless. There are various options available in the market to cater to everybody’s needs. You can get the latest and most innovative self defense tools at The Home Security Superstore. The online stores have various self-defense equipment; namely, tasers, stun guns, keyrings, keychain knuckle knives, and much more. By redeeming The Home Security Superstore Coupon Code, you can get the best deals on self defense tools.

Out of the plenty of self defense tools, we have narrowed down the eight most used and portable self defense tools for the protection of women. You can choose from the list of items as per your requirement.

Let us have a look at the eight must-have self defense tools for women:

1. Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are the most famous, iconic, and effective self defense tools for women’s safety. These sprays are small in size and can easily fit in your bag or purse. The sprays are helpful while commuting through a parking lot, walking down the alley, or traveling alone at night. These efficient protective tools are legal and are easily available in the market.

Nowadays, pepper sprays are available with an inbuilt alarm system and strobe lights. These features immediately get activated as you spray them on anybody. Pepper sprays are available in many different types and hybrids to choose from based on personal preference.

2. Honeycomb Hairbrush Concealed Dagger

The Honeycomb hairbrush Concealed dagger is a powerful self defense tool for women. This 8-inch dagger is made from fiberglass and has a cross-section area of ½” thick cruciform. It has a fantastic handle and an excellent grip for holding the dagger. Before buying the dagger, it is imperative to learn about the technique of using the dagger. Disguised as a hairbrush, these daggers perfectly fit in your handbag or luggage.

The dagger is lightweight and an easy-to-carry self-defense tool for women’s safety.

3. Self Defense Keyring

Have you imagined a keyring will be used as a self defense tool? The answer comes in the form of these powerful self defense keyrings. These lightweight tools have a specialized pointed tip that can easily stick out of your fist. Ultimately the keyrings take the form of a claw and inflict potential damage to your assailant.

These small keyrings are easy to use. You have to do is slip the ring between your fingers and travel freely without fear.

4. Pen Knife or Tactical Knife

A Pen knife or tactical knife is a great way to ward off your assailant in an emergency. These knives are fantastic self defense tools in the hour of need for protection. They look like traditional kitchen knives and are available in different shapes and sizes. These small pen knives are lightweight and portable and inflict pain on the assailant when correctly used. You can easily put it in your handbag, jacket, or trousers’ pockets.

Top 8 Self Defense Tools For The Safety Of Women In 2022

5. Lipstick tube Stun Gun

Lipstick tube Stun Guns are disguised as regular lipstick and can be used as a flashlight while traveling alone or in the dark. These stun guns can leave your attacker surprised by the sudden attack. They are easy to recharge and are portable while traveling in the evening or in the dark.

6. Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

A tactical flashlight is a versatile self-defense tool. You can use this tool as a regular flashlight, but it can function as a powerful stun gun. These devices utilize high voltage to harm the attacker. The electric prongs of the devices can be used to electric shock the assailant. Higher the ampere more powerful the flashlight stun gun quickly.

7. Taser Device

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With a taser gun, you can keep off the attacker from a distance of up to 15 ft. The taser is very different from the stun gun because of its range for attacking the assailant. Tasers provide only one attempt to stun your attacker. These are the most potent self defense tools for women’s safety.

8. Personal Safety Alarm/ Siren/ Whistle

Personal safety self defense tools are the most formidable when you are encountering a potential threat from the attacker. These personal alarm systems are very convenient to handle in times of emergency.

Personal alarm systems can be easily carried in pockets, purses, and handbags. These alarm systems can produce audible sounds of 130 decibels. To switch the on or off the alarm, you must push a button.

Some of the alarm systems come with a GPS tracking system for tracking the location with many other specialized attributes. You can disclose your location to your loved ones for safety and monitoring purposes.

Winding Up With Self Defense Tools

Self defense tools play a significant role in providing safety and protection for women. Women need to learn about the various self defense tools available in the market. The article explains the eight most used and powerful tools for women’s safety. These tools are very impactful and are effective in warding off assailants. For all our women working or traveling late, these tools must be carried in their handbags or luggage.

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