Five ways Muslim women can style a shrug!

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It is pretty common for people to dress up according to their religious identities. Christians like wearing their Sunday mass specials, Hindus wear dhotis and sarees, and so on. In Islam dressing modestly is very revered, especially for women. Muslim women are often seen clad in a burkha, abaya, etc. as a part of their faith. The common assumption that people usually have is that fashion can’t be modest. Hence, the belief that Muslim women can’t be fashionable. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fashion transcends modesty or provocativeness.

The amount of skin one shows in their clothes does not define their fashion quotient. With the newer generations coming in and being more accepting, these conversations have started gaining traction. EastEssence offers an assorted collection of fashionable clothes for Muslim women. From abayas and shrugs to burqas and gloves, EastEssence has it all. Indulge in some EastEssence shopping and style shrugs in these five ways:

Bold color:

One can never go wrong with a bold color. The only requirement for pulling off bold-colored clothes is confidence. If one possesses unapologetic confidence, a bold, vibrant, and rich-colored garment can be a weapon in one’s arsenal. A bold-colored shrug can add a lot of dimension to the whole outfit. You can wear a neutral-colored outfit underneath and finish off the look with a strong, bold shrug. This can help in channeling one’s personality, assertiveness and confidence. Seeing a person rock a bold-colored out layer sets an impression in everyone’s mind. People will automatically start associating you with feelings of confidence and stature. Strut into a room and turn all heads with a bold-colored shrug. It can be your version of a power suit but more modest.

The color of the shrug can of course vary according to the seasons. If it is colder weather, try opting for deeper colors. These include scarlet, burgundy, navy blue, black, etc. If the weather is hotter, go for brighter colors. These include royal blue, blood red, orange, yellow, flamingo pink, etc. EastEssence offers a plethora of bold-colored shrugs for any time of the year. Check out the EastEssence promo codes to save some extra cash. 

Floor length:

A floor-lengthed shrug is exactly as majestic as it sounds. A good quality shrug, stretching down to the floor can give an almost cape-like appearance. It can make you look royal, powerful, and like you mean business. It is the ultimate power move to show up to an event with a flowy floor-length shrug. Not only is it fashionable but also modest. A floor-length shrug is extremely versatile as well. A good addition would add a fancy brooch. This will help in covering up the free real estate of the shrug. It will also add some much-needed bling to the outfit. EastEssence a wide variety of floor-length shrugs for customers to shop from. Check out the official Noracora website and avail Noracora discount codes. This can help customers save money while shopping for modest Islamic fashion online. 


Shrugs can be used in place of an overcoat. They can even be used as an underlayer for an overcoat. Depending on how cold it gets in a certain region, one can construct the outfit accordingly. A good place to start with using shrugs as an overcoat is the structure of the shrug. Try buying a more structured, durable, and thicker shrug. This is so because as an overcoat substitute, the shrug should be all-encompassing. Not only should the shrug be warm but it should also complete the outfit. This means that it should go well with the rest of the outfit and provide finishing touches. EastEssence provides a huge selection of shrugs of good quality. These can be worn as an overcoat thanks to the EastEssence coupon codes. 


If you are wearing ankle-length pants underneath, wearing a mid-length shrug should not be a problem at all. Muslim women usually dress in leg-covering apparel. Shrug being an outer covering, can however be of varying lengths. This is why a mid-length shrug is a perfect experiment and quirky addition. Try getting your hands on a shrug that falls perfectly to your knees. This way you will have more space in the lower leg region. This is why pairing a mid-length shrug with printed pants is perfect. One gets to wear modest clothing while still adding funky elements to the outfit. Head to EastEssence’s online platform and use EastEssence offers to get additional off on clothes.

Shrug-skirt combo:

A twist on the classic top and skirt combo, the shrug and skirt combo is here to stay. To style, this outfit, wear a skirt that stretches out to your ankles making sure everything is covered. Proceed to put on a matching color or basic top with full sleeves. Now, top it all off with a well-combined shrug. The added shrug makes the entire outfit come together gracefully. It keeps the modesty moral intact while still looking extremely feminine and delicate. EastEssence is a great online space to explore the shrug-skirt combo. Check out the official EastEssence website for a wide selection of shrugs, hijabs, etc. Do not forget to use EastEssence codes to save some money while shopping for Islamic fashion. 


Fashion is not about how much skin one can show. It is about giving your twist to the clothes. Fashion is a medium of expression and freedom. The way one dresses, shows their identity, personality, and likes. That does not need to change in the case of Muslim women. Shrugs are a great way to spice things up in a modest outfit. The added layer provides a blank canvas that can be colored in whichever way the wearer wants. Carrying a shrug and burqa combo can also be a fashion statement. Many popular fashion houses have also started incorporating hijabi models on their runways.

They dress them in modest clothing and provide much-needed representation. EastEssence has been a trailblazer in the world of Muslim fashion in the past few years. The EastEssence team has curated Islamic fashion in an online space for better accessibility Check out the EastEssence deals and save a pretty penny. 

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