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Pros and Cons of Travel Blogging

You are probably reading this because you have  an interest in travel blogging and you want to earn some money while at it. In the recent past travel blogging has attained another name that is now being used interchangeably with it, travel influencing. If you have an interest in travel blogging or travel influencing for that matter, sit back and let’s go through the Pros and Cons that you will experience as you try out this field.

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Free vacations

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This is the most obvious advantage of travel blogging. You often get free vacations with everything paid for from hotel, food, and flight to activities. Other times your trip can be paid in part in exchange for your blogging. Sometimes getting this free vacation is not dependent on your social media following but on the quality of your blog.

Unique experiences and broadened horizons

It gives you opportunities to visit areas you wouldn’t have thought about. You receive invitations to places you have never even heard of thanks to your writing.

VIP experience

Since tourism companies, hotels, and travel agencies want positive reviews from bloggers, you will often receive VIP treatment. You can get the chance to sleep in hotel suites that probably you wouldn’t afford.

Exposed to new cultures and history

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Since travel blogging requires a lot of research and first hand experience in an area’s history and culture, you get to learn a lot about other cultures and the history of people and places in ways you didn’t do before.

This ultimately helps you appreciate the rich diversity of other cultures.

Fulfillment of your work

If writing is your passion then you will truly enjoy your job as you travel the world.

You will always have a story to tell

Because of your rich experience, anywhere you talk people will want to listen to you. They will want to hear your travel stories and your experiences in different places.

Leaving your comfort zone

Most writers are introverts. Yet when you get an invitation to travel blogging events, you have to get out of your comfort zone. These are social events that need meet and greets. You have to introduce yourself to movers and shakers sometimes with lots of photos being taken of you.

Endless opportunities fo you

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If you are passionate about travel and you start a travel blog that becomes popular, the truth is that you will get a lot of exciting travel opportunities in your inbox. The place you are invited to go and the opportunities presented to you come thick and fast.


It doesn’t feel like a vacation, there is a lot of work involved

After a whole day of activities, you might feel like you need to rest a bit and relax but you can’t since as a writer you want to write when everything is still fresh in your mind.

Post-travel obligations

When your trip is over you come back to a huge to-do list waiting for you. You are responsible for all the content creation, photo editing, blog formatting to distribution all on your own. It demands you be well-versed in digital marketing, content strategy, and media communications which are all demanding roles.

Living out of a suitcase and the physical toll of travel

As a travel blogger, you will spend so much time traveling that you might find yourself not seeing the need of making your house a home. This can lead to a situation of not having a proper home base.

The physical toll of jet lags, early morning, and long days with time take a toll on you.


Travel blogging is an exciting segment of blogging that allows you the opportunity to tell stories to the world through your experiences. It is fulfilling especially if you like traveling and writing. As with other forms of traveling to tell the story of different attractions in the USA you will need a means of movement. This won’t be an issue because you can always rent a car from the many USA cars for rent companies spread across the country as you tell your travel stories. If you have what it takes and can deal with the cons of the travel blogging industry, then the world awaits to hear your travel stories.

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